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Ryan was guest hosting Gun Guy Radio, and he had me on to talk about the Curio And Relic License from the ATF.

I made Brutal fun of Ryan for NOT having his C&R, given that he loves classic firearms, and the license is really inexpensive and easy to manage.

Since he had me, we made it a double-header and had me on Handgun Radio where we talked about S&W Semi-Autos. Really Smith shines when it comes to revolvers, but they’ve been making very good Semi-Auto pistols for over 100 years. We talked about several of them.

So click on over to listen or download the podcasts!

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3 Responses to Gun Rights Radio Network Double Header

  1. Loess says:

    Listening to you just got expensive, since you convinced me to finally get my C&R, too.

    Now I’m going to need another safe.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well the C&R is cheap and if you were planning on getting a C&R gun, or shop places like Brownells or Midway USA it pays for it self several times over in discount savings.

      Of course when you can have Mosin Nagants and CZ82s and Walther P38s just mailed to your door without leaving your desk chair….yeah that does get spendy. Gets even worse if you’re into collecting things like Lugers or Classic 1911s….

      • Loess says:

        Yeah, that’s the problem, I’m going to start looking at the C&R sections of websites, and instead of having to get my FFL to order it for me, I’ll just be able to say “Yes, all of it.”

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