Images of the Antis: Human Life

Gotta love this one:

Awww what a cute little quip. Yep it would be a royal pain to walk into an elementary school and attempt to kill all the children with a spoon….not that you wouldn’t be able to do that given that schools are victim disarmament zone, and the adults in those zones generally fight FOR disarmament!

So yeah, you could probably kill those 20 kids, but BOY would your arms be tired.


Instead, CDC will state, “The latest study base
d on a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults estimates that about 112,000 deaths
are associated with obesity each year in the United States.” However, because the science continues to evolve and Americans’
health status continues to change, this estimate will very likely change in the future as
more data become available and improved methods are developed. Public health
programs will continue to save more lives by promoting good nutrition and physical
activity and preventing overweight and obesity in the first place.

The numbers are murky, but the 112,000 deaths is a HELL of a lot less than the 10,000 or so people who are murdered with guns.

Hell, fatties MADE themselves fat, so you could argue it’s self-inflicted, so you can combine the extra 20,000 or look at it alone, when dealing with 112,000 it really doesn’t matter.

But it does to the “Progressives” because they don’t give a shit about public safety, or even human life. They just want to ban guns.

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10 Responses to Images of the Antis: Human Life

  1. The_Jack says:

    King is the same rocket surgeon who wondered why guns weren’t subject to federal regulation like alcohol or tobacco. Given how dangerous the latter two were.

    Federal agency aside….

    This does show the whole “Ignorance is Strength” and social signaling.

    Facts don’t matter, what does matter is showing that you don’t like those icky proles with their distasteful guns.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Also interesting how a Cocaine addict will say we need to outlaw guns….

      • The_Jack says:

        And liquor problems if I recall.

        But if guns were as hard to get as coke he’d be happy! Afterall King doesn’t want to give up his guns.

        He just hates those icky proles having ’em.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Honestly sounds like he touched every illegal substance that crossed his plate, but from all accounts and interviews I’ve read his REAL problem was with booze, pot, and coke.

          Oddly he seemed to get just as much pot can coke as he did Booze, despite one being a legal, but regulated substance (not quite as much as guns), and the others being (at least before he got sober) 100% illegal (like he WANTS guns to be).

          The irony eludes him.

  2. Jack/OH says:

    Memo to Stephen King: Spoons–as in prison shanks? You may want to check prison homicide and suicide rates, or check out a display of expedient weapons made in prison out of plastic, wood, etc.

  3. Bob S. says:

    How about walking into a kitchen and using a spoon to ladle out some poison in the state mandated, no options allowed, federal guidelined approved lunches?

    Tell me how hard it would be to kill 20 kids.

    Only for those who don’t want to see the truth.

    Bob S.

    • The_Jack says:

      You can’t blame the spoon then!

      The spoon is just the delivery mechanism. It’s the poison that kills.

      Why that’s like blaming the gun instead of the bullets!

      Clearly they need to ban Assault Spoons. Because no civilian needs military-style spoons.

  4. Jack/OH says:

    Gun owner Mr. King looks like he’s claiming the rich dude’s exception to his own fevered rhetoric. Wealthy, prominent people pretty much guess, rightly or wrongly, that 2nd A. repeal and confiscation will allow maybe a “compelling necessity” exception for folks who can lawyer up, spend a few grand filling out cumbersome paperwork and going before, maybe, a puppy-dog “firearms registration board”, etc.

    The Jack–you’re right. There’s a serious strain of dishonest elitism going on with some of the anti-gunners. Something real close to, “I’m a better person than those people”, because of my bank account, celebrity status, etc., so I ought to have more rights.

    • The_Jack says:

      Why wouldn’t they think they can pony up and get an exception under the glorious new gun control regime?

      That’s exactly how gun laws work in Boston, NYC, San Fran, and other such places. The permits are May Issue, and besides if a rich person gets found with a gun why…. they get a lot less charges than if someone of a lower class had one.

      Heck, he’s gone his whole career with the “artists and drugs” exception.

      And exactly agreed on the classism part of gun control. A tell is whenever they rant about “gun culture” which, to them, is code for “proles owning guns and talking to other proles about their guns.”

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