Interesting Variation of the Daiquiri

I can’t remember if I said this here, but I don’t like to use simple syrup in cocktails because I see it as “empty calories”. It just makes the drink sweeter, it doesn’t add flavor or character. maybe if you made your syrup from raw sugar to make a darker syrup it might cross into character, as with other things like honey or agave nectar. I personally use triple sec because it pairs very well with the lime juice, still this pineapple syrup sounds like a killer mix.

I actually prefer to use a cherry just because I would rather have that sweet and bitter flavor, over just more citrus.

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  1. tommy says:

    Thanks for putting this up. I made some pineapple simple syrup tonight and it makes one Hell of an Old Fashioned. 3 parts rye, 1 part simple syrup, dash of bitters and a little water (to taste). It’s freaking awesome!

    Thanks, Weer’d!

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