Joan Bloviates Over a Bumper Sticker

Sometimes they just open themselves to an attack:

First of all, you’ve gotta love the photo on the left taken by a friend. Can you read the sticker on the back window of the car? It says: “Gun Control- The ability to drop a liberal at 500 yards.” Hahahahahahah. I also love the American flag decal. Such patriots are enough to make me sick.

Here’s the image:

Now first-up it wasn’t an image she took, but one that’s circulating around on Pinterest. Still it reminds me of this story. A “Progressive” talk-show host talks about his dislike of gun laws and the NRA, and then goes on to detail a plan he has to confront a pro-gun person and shoot them, while lying about “feeling threatened”. This is 1st Degree murder, and further would make any legitimate case he may have for self defense in the future VERY difficult to defend. From the same post I said the following:

Now this doesn’t just happen to the left, and this is NOT a partisan post. I’ve occasionally heard gun owners express some foolish bravado about hoping to use the gun, or wanting to see what XYZ Brand hollow-point does to a person. Also I will point out that all of the above cases are all foolish bravado, and I suspect Mr. Malloy is not nearly as brave when he’s standing on his own in public, nor am a particularly impresses with gun owners who brag about how tough they are.

So yeah, I don’t much care for bumper stickers like this. Not only are they crass and rude, but they can really do harm to you in the event you need to defend yourself in a self-defense situation.

Still what bugs me is Joan’s smug nature of being offended and sickened by this bumper sticker. This is the back of some truck owned by some dude, meanwhile I did a whole segment for the Gunblog Variety cast on the nasty and threatening behavior done by the anti-gun lobby against both myself and other 2nd Amendment activists. This isn’t just some dude with a sticker on his truck, but people Joan is openly friendly with, and it isn’t just some vague statement of political bravado, but targeted attacks against individual people.

Sorry Joan, but your “moral high ground” is taking on water!

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2 Responses to Joan Bloviates Over a Bumper Sticker

  1. Thirdpower says:

    But it’s ‘different’. Why it’s different she’ll never say but it is.

  2. Bob S. says:

    The right to dark humor is over-ridden by the right never to be offended apparently.

    But Weer’d I think you missed a huge point here.

    Gun Control is the ability to use the threat of and actual violence to enforce laws that will not stop (and probably won’t reduce) crime.

    That bumper sticker is simply free speech — rude crude and offensive yes – but gun control laws in many states are sending people to prison. Gun control efforts to paint firearms as a danger is resulting in the loss of life — look at Tamir Rice for example.

    People are actually dying due to the efforts of people like Joan — dying at the hands of government agents, dying at the hands of criminals glad to have unarmed victims.

    Bob S.

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