Misleading Title

The title is: How Bloomberg plans to use the NRA’s tactics in the gun control fight

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg learned that lesson the hard way last year when he spent $12 million on political ads in 13 states in hopes of pressuring senators to vote for gun safety legislation. Now he’s opening his checkbook again, but with a smarter strategy, announcing a $50-million investment this year to develop a nationwide network of “gun sense”-minded voters and lawmakers, focusing on 15 states across the political spectrum.

Even gun safety advocates have expressed some skepticism, which is understandable. It’s been a demoralizing year since President Obama spoke in the Rose Garden on “a pretty shameful day for Washington” when the Senate failed to pass even moderate gun safety legislation. If a shooting that leaves 20 elementary school students and six adults dead can’t spur consensus around gun policy, what’s it going to take?

Yet if you were disappointed by the lack of federal action, consider that in the year after the Newtown, Conn., shootings, 70 state laws loosened gun restrictions while only 39 tightened them. That’s why Bloomberg is hoping to turn the tide by using some of the NRA’s own tactics in a field it has traditionally dominated: state politics.

“This is not a battle of dollars,” Bloomberg said during an appearance on the “Today” show this week. “This is a battle for the hearts and minds of America, so that we can protect our children, protect innocent people.”

Bloomberg knows as well as anyone that winning hearts and minds costs money, and he’s betting that he’ll get more bang for his buck at the state-level. By strategically investing in the gun safety ground game, he could force the NRA and other groups to spread their resources and engage where they haven’t needed to before. It’s not an overnight solution, but it’s better than counting on the Senate to get anything done.

Except the NRA is such a powerhouse because it has MILLIONS of Members who are at least amenable to what they do (and probably a bulk strongly support it) who give money to the cause.

There are lots of gun control groups…hell Bloomberg owns about 5 of them that I know of, and plus groups like The Brady Campaign, and the “Ceasefire” groups, ect. None of them have real vetted members. You could donate $5 to one, and be considered a “Member” for eternity, or even just “like” them on Facebook, or subscribe to an email newsletter, and suddenly you’re a “Member” in good standing. Even the false-flag anti-gun groups like American Hunters and Shooters didn’t have any membership.

See what the antis miss is that the pro-gun groups are grassroots. Regular individuals with regular jobs and regular lives band together and hire lobbyists to represent their wishes in government…but the anti-gun groups are top-down, generally one, or a small committee of wealthy people who demand the world bend to their wishes.

Americans don’t like that, and they don’t like Bloomberg. If you had any doubt of that, he’s the sole leader of ALL of his anti-gun groups. He’s the monolith, he’s the dictator. I’m sure some people donate, but even the bulk of the money is his own personal coffers….yet how many of his groups carry his name? How many of his groups even openly say that Bloomberg is CONNECTED to them, let alone RUNNING them.

Sorry, Mike, but you can SAY all you want that you are the Anti-Gun NRA…but that doesn’t make it true.

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  1. AuricTech says:

    Since anti-gunners tend to be collectivists, they really can’t grok how grass-roots organizations work. I’ve noticed in their rhetoric that they always paint the NRA as a creature of gun manufacturers, ignoring the fact that its members have to buy their memberships. Oh, and once we’ve been members long enough, we get to vote on NRA leadership.

    It’s always fun to ask someone who claims to be a “member” of Moms Demand Hot Action or some other arm of Bloomberg, Inc. how many discounts they can get with their membership card. Asking them whom they support in their group’s upcoming board of directors election can also be fun.

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