Oops, Baldr Tells the Truth!

You gotta love it when the antis go off the reservation and tell the truth:

In the end, **REDATED** final choice of target may have been driven in part by his racism, since any church could have worked for his target and he, instead, chose an historically black church and victims. But I suspect that convenience and lack of security were also deciding factors. I shudder to think what other sites he may have scoped out, dressed in black, without the police stopping him. Did he case out a grade school, for instance? Did he case out Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church before the attack?

And for all those pro-gun folks who think that the congregants should have carried guns, let me also make something clear: **REDATED** wanted to commit the crime then kill himself. Fear of death from the hands of citizens likely wasn’t a factor for him. But good security, in the form of police or security guards, would have kept him from getting to the victims in the first place, and may have been factors in preventing him from shooting up the other places he considered first.

Note than in the past he’s stuck with the rhetoric of sneering at Wayne LaPierre’s very true statement that “The only thing that Stops a bad guy with a gun is a Good Guy with a gun!”

Of course sneering at that statement is just insanely stupid, as all but a few mass shootings have been stopped when a good guy, be it an armed private citizen, or a member of the police or military began returning fire (or simply got prepared to).

Like all spree killers, this guy’s #1 concern was targets, and a close #2 was that he would be the ONLY gun on the scene. Go figure, no good guys with guns, nobody to stop the killer.

Of course I will note the Gabriel Giffords attempted assassination was stopped when the unarmed victims charged the shooter. Yep, it works, but it’s not as effective as returning fire, preferably from cover.

Unfortunately the anti-gun lobby is so fragmented, I doubt Jason will even have this post read by any of his superiors, let alone, get reprimanded by admitting the “Enemy” talking points are indeed true.

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