Pro-Criminal, Not Anti-Gun

I really REALLY dislike Mike Huckabee, still when you put him next to the “Progressives”, he almost seems human:

Over the weekend, Mike Huckabee was in New Hampshire to speak at the Republican Leadership Summit and while he was there, he sat down for an interview with conservative activist Kimberly Morin of the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner.

During the discussion, Huckabee shared his views on the Second Amendment by explaining that, where he comes from, the “gun nuts” are the people who support gun control and stated that if somebody broke into this house, the only reason he’d call 911 would be to tell them where to pick up the body of the intruder.

Explaining that he’s owned guns since the time he was five, Huckabee said that he cringes when he hears people say that they support the Second Amendment because it protects hunting.

“The Second Amendment is not about hunting,” he said, “this is about freedom. And I’ve heard people say ‘Huckabee is one of those gun nuts.’ Where I come from, a gun nut is a person who is irrationally afraid of a firearm because they don’t understand the nature of having one and the importance to their liberty. I don’t love guns, but I do love freedom. I love it a lot.”

…”Yes, I will still call 911,” he added, “but it’s not going to be to call to helplessly wait as a victim while somebody ravages my family or my home. I call 911 to tell them where to come pick up the body of the son of a gun who broke into my house in the middle of the night”

Now only to pick at nits, I really don’t like this bullshit Bravado. If somebody breaks into my house, they run a VERY good chance of being shot, with getting shot comes a strong possibility of being killed. That’s just reality.

Do I WANT to kill somebody? NO! I have no idea how taking another human life will effect me emotionally, but even at the most base level, the amount of legal nonsense I’ll have to deal with, even if it’s one of the most textbook “good shoots” on EARTH, and the responding officers compliment me on my grouping, I’m still going to have a lot of time tied up in the legal affairs poor dead (or wounded) asshole.

Still what Huckabee said (not-so-eloquently) is that I love my family (as well as the sanctity of my home) and I love them SO MUCH that predators had best fear me. If we want to make a Serengeti analogy, I’m not the Lion or the Leopard, I’m the Elephant or the Cape Buffalo. I’m here to eat grass and go about my life, and killing is not really on my mind….unless you want to fuck with me in any serious way and you WILL regret it.

Now the antis HATE this idea, they burn SO many calories sympathizing with the worst of society…to the extent they IGNORE the good people. So if I end up shooting some junkie at 2am who broke into my house looking for stuff to sell for drugs, they would be perfectly willing to ignore all the horrible things this little beast did in his life up until I poked some holes in him while clad in my jammies, and clamor about a life being cut short…and maybe I should spend MY life in Jail, or be murdered myself in “Street Justice”….all while calling for every other person be disarmed so when it’s THEIR turn, they get left at the mercy of the monster…


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2 Responses to Pro-Criminal, Not Anti-Gun

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Sigh! As you well know about my Shooting Incident, it’s obvious to me that Huckabee hasn’t ever had to face the prospect of aiming a Weapon and KNOWING that one’s only Option is to pull the Trigger.

    I also recall from some of Mas Ayoob’s articles, words like Huckabee said CAN and WILL be used against him if he ever has to stand in front of a Judge and Justified his Actions.

    Which is why one should maintain a Low-Profile when it comes down to Talking about what one would do if they ever had to pull the Trigger.

    I don’t mean to say that one should Say Nothing, but don’t be Bragging and Posturing, like Huckabee seems to be doing.

    Just Speak Softly and Carry a Big Bore. ; )

  2. Jack/OH says:

    PTSD? Retaliation by an assailant’s friends, family, or gang? Neighbors, friends, co-workers appraising you differently? I’ll guess that even a successful, lawful defense against an assailant with a firearm can have pretty serious consequences.

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