Robert Farago Doing What He Does Best

Playing into the hands of the anti-gunners. Last we talked about him was here, where they did a slap-dash “recreation” of the Charlie Hebdo attack attempting to show that even if France hadn’t disarmed their people (and their police) the attack still would have gone as planned by the terrorists.

Of course they invited all media interested to come to witness their poor handi-work, and it got plastered all over the evening news, and picked up by most of the anti-gun groups. Two days later they released some “Preliminary results” pointing out many of the major mistakes they made, and some things misreported by the news media….of course this made NO headlines. AND to further show what their goals always were, they have done NOTHING else on this since.

They just wanted headlines, and given Robert Farago’s track record, headlines that play into the hands of the anti-gunners are either his end-goal or simply the path of least resistance.

Of course he was an asshole at the NRA Annual Meeting, no word on who caught him being a crass, sexist pig…but let’s just say I have volumes of stories of his boorish behavior around women, some from personal experience, some from people who have contacted me, many from trusted friends. It’s only a matter of time, so feel free to share your stories below.

Of course I just saw this:

Farago Anti-Gun

I have to wonder, does The Truth About Guns do ANY pro-2nd Amendment work?

Oh yeah, and a Rhode Island “Progressive” Yankee moves to Texas and pretends about as well as he does being a gunnie.

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