Sad Puppies Get Holsters

So Dennis has two new holsters with a Sad Puppy stamp.

One is a lefty, the other a righty (maybe you want them both for akimbo carry!!). Dennis is not making any money off of these holsters, instead the proceeds of the sale will go to help offset the legal costs for Nicki (whom I work with on the Gunblog Variety Cast) due to her issue with bad tenants.

Go have a look, they’re pretty cool!

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4 Responses to Sad Puppies Get Holsters

  1. Allen says:

    Neat. I hope he adds that as an option.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Once he buys the die to stamp the leather it’s in the option menu forever. You can still get a holster with the Vicious Circle logo on it, years after that show was cancelled.

  2. Dragon says:

    Hey Weer’d! Thanks for the link-love and pimping the rigs for Nicki!

    Allen: The option was added the day that I got the embossing stamp. 🙂

    The embossing itself is rather large (as far as embossings go) so its only available on the Valkyrie model holster (the same as in the eBay auction).

    Just hit up my website at and go through the menu choices for:

    Holsters>>>Outside Waistband>>>Valkyrie>>>Custom Valkyrie

    You can choose all the things like color options, LH or RH, add the embossing stamp, etc. Each rig is hand-crafted from start to finish, and comes with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

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