The Vultures Circle

So Miguel Came up with this great graphic depicting Ladd Everitt of The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence as a Vulture.

Now that was when the bodies were still warm, and the blood was still flowing from their wounds, and we knew NOTHING of the crime except that it happened at a college in Oregon, and people were shot. The Body Count, the status of the suspect, details of the suspect, everything was still being misreported.

Well now we have a better idea of what happened that sad day…and the antis act the same.

I got into a short exchange with someone on a friend’s Facebook page who insisted that I sounded angry about the Umpqua campus shooting that killed 9 people. This guy didn’t think anyone should be talking about a solution to our latest national tragedy. If we wait to talk about these tragedies until a sufficient time has passed, we will never be able to talk about what is needed to stop the next one.

…The corporate gun lobby would be very happy if we didn’t talk about the carnage. Because discussing the problem and the solutions keep the issue front and center and remind the public of the victims. But we will not be silent.

Ok so Joan is angry about the shooting in Oregon, as am I, and she wants to talk about solutions!

The Brady Campaign/Center to Prevent Gun Violence has a new #Enough! campaign. The intent is to put pressure on our elected leaders to reflect the desires of the majority to get something done to save lives. Watch their website and social media for more information to come. One of the most effective measures to keep guns out of the hands of people who could be dangerous to themselves or others is requiring Brady background checks on all gun sales. Congress could do this today if they had the courage and the will.

Two bills are sitting on the desks of our Representatives. One is HR 3411 sponsored by Congresswoman Jackie Spears and the other is HR1217 sponsored by Congressmen Peter King and Mike Thompson. The bills are ready to go. So let’s push for them to be heard and voted on. Lives could be saved with the passage of either bill. Where is the leadership when it comes to saving lives?

I’ve preserved the links to the endorsed bills. Notice how they are both Universal Background Check bills. To Quote Jason “Baldr” Odinson of Ceasefire Oregon:

On Sunday, August 9, the new law from the Oregon Firearms Safety Act (OFSA) requiring background checks for almost all private firearm sales will take effect. Ceasefire Oregon welcomes the new law and looks forward to a reduction in firearms-related crime.

The OFSA will help to reduce gun violence by requiring background checks for all gun sales with the exceptions of certain family members and during temporary transfers. Background checks will prevent people who are legally prohibited from purchasing firearms from buying guns.

So yeah, similar laws were passed, with promises of reducing violence and crime, and now a man, within full compliance of this law, murdered 9 people, and injured 9 others.

And the anti-gunners want “Solutions”, and their solutions are to make America more like where the shooting happened????

That’s like being angry that your relative died of lung cancer after smoking for most of his life, and deciding the solution to your anguish is to buy your first pack….

This is why they prey on Emotions, they want you in a state where you can easily make an irrational and illogical choice that they want.


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