To Debunk With Bunk

This is making the rounds, but I thought I’d quote from the presser.

The point of the PSA is to debunk the perception, held by six in 10 Americans, that owning a firearm makes a home safer. In fact, according to studies, those who own a gun—and those around them—have an increased risk of injury and death.

There’s a sense here of preaching to the choir. These folks are awfully quick to backtrack from their desire to own a weapon, and the NYC setting might not do much to convince people in less liberal places to consider changing their views.

But it does, at least, suggest—indeed, demonstrate—that minds can be changed on the matter. And it’s chilling in the video to see the actual guns that were used in notorious crimes, and must have been that much more so in person.

Except here’s the video:


The “Gun Shop” isn’t real, many of the guns (I suspect ALL of them) are fake, the “Shop Keeper” improperly describes many of the guns in caliber and feature (as well as claims they are real guns), as well as handles them in such a way that the camera can easily see them as fakes, which shows that not only is he not a proprietor of the gun shop, but he knows NOTHING of guns.

Even worse is the antis are the FIRST to remind us that the Sandy Hook shooter used a Bushmaster AR-15 as he holds up a replica of an AK-pattern rifle, Every news story mentions that Veronica Rutledge was shot with a .380 pistol, yet he holds up a 9mm GLOCK.

Also given the difficulty and the amount of hoops needed for a denizen of New York City to acquire a permit even to darken the door of a New York gun shop (which of course this was not one) I’m sure the “Customers” were in fact actors…it is New York, you can’t swing a dead cat without finding an actor desperate for work.

It’s probably one of the most blatant and dishonest straw man arguments EVER! It’s a mockumentary that CLAIMS it is documenting reality. It’s claiming to have changed minds of people who were anti-gun to start with, and paid to recite lines. It’s also continuing the lie that more guns means people being less safe at a time when America IS a safer place and gun ownership is at record highs.

They are claiming the sky is falling, and like the cult of Global Warming, they are going to great lengths to mislead people.

Good Job, Guys! Now let’s get the word out!

**UPDATE** They have a website! Looks like they probably cribbed photos of guns from manufacturer websites and used photoshop to to scrub any markings off the guns. Adorable how a Glock 17/22 is a “7-shot 9mm” and a S&W 686 (an ultra-rare left-hand model too!) is a .22 Revolver! Also if you click around you’ll find a bunch of “Studies” mostly Hemenway studies that cite himself in the reference section.

Again they can only “Support” their agenda when they buy their own science!

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9 Responses to To Debunk With Bunk

  1. Cargosquid says:

    You can’t stop the signal.

    While comments are disabled for the video…..the CHANNEL has comments.

    And they are getting SLAMMED.

  2. Doug W. says:

    My favorite was the 30-round Beretta 92. Such research. Much wow.

  3. The_Jack says:

    That they have it in NYC gives the game away from a legal perspective.

    (As New York City already has all the “Only the rich can have guns” laws they advocate for!)

    But this is also very illustrative of three points on the Antis.

    1) Deodands. Note how easily they go from talking about a risk increase to an inherent evil in said guns. Also note that the antis insist on “crime guns” being destroyed by the state, instead of being auctioned off.

    And that’s done by the next point.

    2) False statistics. Not they say “Every gun has a History” so they’re saying all guns, especially used guns, are evil murder machines… clearly the numbers don’t bear that out.

    But hey, their audience not knowing that goes neatly into…

    3) Ignorance is Strength. That gunshop *only* works when servicing /customers/ that no nothing about guns. Anyone who was familiar with guns (or not an actor) would notice the blatant technical nonsense the clerk was saying while holding props.

    But the antis are *dependent* on people who lack the personal experience with firearms.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Let’s face it, it would be cheaper and easier to actually do what they claimed to do (assuming they still use various prop guns and not actually find guns that REALLY have a history) and film people off the street reacting to their script and have them sign a waiver that the hidden cam footage could be used.

      They elected to hire actors for a reason. It was more expensive, and given audition and hiring, more time consuming rather than just opening a pretend shop and talk to foot traffic.

      But if they opened it to REAL people, they wouldn’t have gotten the results they wanted, because what they wanted was NOT the truth!

  4. TS says:

    Love how the bolt on the pump shotgun doesn’t move when he racks the slide. Definitely a movie gun that can be racked repeatedly for dramatic effect.

  5. Archer says:

    I love their back-and-forth on statistics.

    “80% of gun owners support expanding background checks,” they tell us, and we’re supposed to lie down, roll over, and accept that the “majority” gets to infringe on our rights. Y’know, because “majority”.

    Then, they turn around and concede that “six in 10 Americans” (for those keeping track at home, that’s 60%, which is a majority) think “that owning a firearm makes a home safer.” But are they going to roll over and accept the loss? Y’know, because “majority”?


    Which is somehow A-OK when they do it.

    The blatant hypocrisy is amazing! 🙂

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