Well Prepared

This is interesting:

Police in Columbus say a woman sleeping on a couch with a loaded gun fatally shot an intruder who smashed through a front window.

A police report said the man who was shot had broken into a house across the street Thursday morning and had just jumped out a second floor window when confronted by that resident.

He broke through the window of the other home, and the woman sleeping in the front room grabbed the gun and fired multiple shots. He died later at a hospital. Police later determined he wasn’t armed.

Given that the departed was attempting his SECOND break-in of the night, It lends some light to why she was packing in her sleep. When LaWeer’da was born I was carrying, because I had woken up that morning, and like most mornings strapped on my gun. Since the baby was successfully birthed I had to sleep on that gun for 3 days, and while it wasn’t comfortable, it was considerably more comfortable than not being armed.

Still I’m glad this lady was armed, and I’m glad this upstanding citizen won’t be wasting the time of the court and penal system.


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4 Responses to Well Prepared

  1. Jack/OH says:

    Is there some sort of public recognition for folks who’ve successfully and lawfully used a firearm in defense of themselves and others?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Most of the time the police will ADMONISH somebody for defending their lives, and say “Just give them what they want!”

      Cops don’t get in trouble when a violent crime happens under their watch…but if somebody gets shot because they advised people to arm up, I think some people have claimed that’s a liability.

      Still I think it’s apocryphal, as I’ve never heard of a case where that was so.

  2. Travis says:

    I was armed when my munchkin was born as well. Makes me wonder how many women have given birth while armed. 😛

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