Why You Should Carry ALL THE TIME!

Have a read of THIS story!

Authorities say a deputy fire chief in Ohio and a store owner were held at gunpoint during a robbery that happened just after firefighters put out a fire in the building.

A spokesman for the Toledo fire department says the suspect went inside the store Friday morning not long after most of the firefighters had left the building.

Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld says the suspect walked right past the deputy chief’s car that had its emergency lights flashing and then held the two men at gunpoint.

Are you kidding me? Guy’s store burns down, and once the fire is out, and the owner and fire chief are inspecting the damage, trying to discover the cause of the blaze, this monster walks into the wreckage and ROBS them!


That is a bizarre time for a robber to pick his targets….but still in this case it paid off. Carry your guns people, because the monsters just don’t care!


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