Contact Your Senators in Opposition to David Chipman as ATF Director

I’ve been asked to put some of my thoughts for distribution and inspiration for people to let their voices be heard about David Chipman, who was nominated for ATF Director by President Joe Biden.

There are some aspects of Mr. Chipman’s career that should bring pause to anyone, such as his testimony in support of the ATF Raid in Waco Texas, as well as the lies he later told about that raid. I think the greatest cause for concern about this nominee is his work AFTER he retired from the agency.

In 2012 Chipman began working with Michael Bloomberg in his anti-gun corporate lobby group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization Bloomberg would eventually rename Everytown for Gun Safety. This In that time he worked with the group to advocate Assault Weapons Bans, Universal Background checks, Red Flag Laws, Preemptive local gun restrictions, and many other restrictions on our freedoms.

In 2013 he became a salesman and Lobbyist for Shot Spotter, the urban technology that claims to be able to identify gun shots and help Law Enforcement make arrests and lower “Gun Violence”. It appears that this company’s claims might be a bit overblown .

After Shot Spotter he settled into his most recent job, a Lobbyist and advisor to the Giffords Anti-Gun Lobby group. Giffords was founded as “Americans for Responsible Solutions” by now Senator Mark Kelly. The Group failed to gain much traction until they partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s groups and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and Changed the name to “Giffords” after Mark Kelly’s wife Representative Gabby Giffords, who was severely disabled in an attempted assassination.

While working for Giffords Chipman Lobbied for the Assault Weapons Bans, Red Flag Laws, and Background Checks he did when working directly for Michael Bloomberg, but also home-made firearms he labels “Ghost Guns”, and to end the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act that was enacted when the Clinton Administration attempted to bankrupt the domestic firearms and Ammunition industry by filing endless frivolous lawsuits.

David Chipman is nothing short than a direct enemy to the Second Amendment, and has supported every form of gun control that has existed in this country. If you, or your Representatives support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms there IS no other answer than to vote against confirmation.

But what if your Representation has been Hostile to the Second Amendment? I would direct you to the letter I sent to my Senator, Elizabeth Warren:

Dear Senator Warren,
I’m writing to inform you of my opposition to David Chipman as Director of the ATF. While agent Chipman did serve honorably in the ATF as a special agent, his resume is tarnished, in my opinion, after his retirement from agency. After serving with the ATF Agent Chipman began working as a lobbyist for several corporations. The first was Everytown for Gun Safety, which is directly owned by Michael Bloomberg. I will take this moment to praise your standing up to Mr. Bloomberg on the Debate stage last year. Then he worked for the Shot-spotter corporation working to sell high-dollar propitiatory hardware to major US Cities. Finally he is currently employed by The Giffords group, which was founded by Now Senator Mark Kelly, and this group is closely aligned both politically and financially with Michael Bloomberg.
I feel that these corporate connections bring Mr. Chipman’s objectivity in question. Will he work to help the agency and the American people, or to the corporate interests who elevated him to this nomination. I hope you take these factors into consideration during the upcoming confirmation hearing.
Thank you!

While Senator Warren, and many other Senators might not hold reverence to the right to keep and bear arms, they MAY share my skepticism of a professional lobbyist and activist being the head of the ATF, especially when Said Activist has worked with a man who has been labeled as a Pariah to the Democrat party, as well as many human decencies as Michael Bloomberg.

So no matter who your Senator is, Start drafting letters! You may use this post as a template, but you should make any correspondence your own because form letters speak against grass roots support. Supporters of the Second Amendment should oppose Chipman because he is an anti-gun prohibitionist, plain and simple and he will actively work against our rights as ATF director. Those who might not support the Second Amendment as strongly should oppose him for his life as a lobbyist for corporate special interests, and Michael Bloomberg.

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