Gunblog Variety Cast EP 145

EP145 GunBlog VarietyCast Radio – Crossing State Lines

Despite the great time they had in Atlanta, neither Beth nor Erin violated the Mann Act in the creation of this podcast.

(Fun fact: there is a Mann Act, there is an Elkins Act, and there is a Mann-Elkins Act. They all have to do with interstate shipping, but only one deals with debauchery.)
Beth and Erin attend the Meet and Mingle for Women in the Firearm Industry last weekend. What did they do, who did they meet, what’s it all about? They’ll tell you about it.
He was in jail awaiting federal firearms charges and needed bail. So what did he do? He talked his wife and his mother into pimping out underage girls across state lines, that’s what. Sean takes a closer look at this prince among men.
Miguel digs into his pile of books to pull out the book he thinks is the most important book for anyone who carries a gun for self defense.
Barron takes a few minutes while on break at work to record a quick segment about the need for offline backups in an era of ransomware.
In the Main Topic, we welcome Special Guest Tony Simon of The Second is For Everyone Diversity Shoot.
Tiffany is still recovering from her surgery, so she records us a short segment to tell us why she can’t record a segment.
You saw the photos from the Moms Demand protest at the NRA Annual Meeting. You had to know that Weer’d would be doing an Audio Fisk of the participants, right?
And our plug of the week is for Operation Blazing Sword’s first public event, “One Aim: Safety for Everyone!”
Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support

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