Antis and The Executive Orders

Ok So this is pretty hilarious! So by now you’ve heard about Obama’s executive orders.

Essentially he claimed he wrote the Gun Control Act of 1968, and got rid of the terrible Police Sign-off for NFA acquisition.

So from where I’m standing, while Obama gave a very nasty speech, and made some threats….when the smoke cleared he gave gun collectors a gift.

So what are the antis doing? Well the Brady Campaign and Moms Demand Bloomberg Money are sending Barry a Thank-You Card for throwing them under the bus.

BTW, I signed the Brady Campaign card with a nice little comment about how gun owners are pleased that the President ignores the dolts at Brady and has settled with the will of the people.

Joan Peterson said:

All I know is that we are celebrating because we know that what just happened is huge. This has never been done before. The gun issue is rising to the top of the issues to be discussed in the upcoming Presidential election and down ballot elections. There is much interest. There is also much misinformation- some just from ignorance or not knowing what is in the orders. Other is purposeful deception and disinformation combined with the usual fear and paranoia.

But on the other hand, while Moms Demand is sending a thank-you card, Bloomberg’s The Trace Wrote this:

Does Obama’s move close the “gun show loophole”?

No. It would more accurate to say that it shrinks it — but how much it shrinks it won’t be clear until further details emerge. Reports had indicated that the Obama administration might set a sales volume past which a seller automatically qualified as “engaged in the business,” but the executive action it opted for does not include such a numerical threshold. Instead, the White House says that sales quantity is one of the factors — along with how long guns are held before being sold, and how much a seller markets him- or herself — that will go into requiring that a seller be licensed.

and Elliot Fineman (and anti-gun Activist who’s 15 minuets of fame eclipsed years ago) wrote this:

Instead President Obama has decided to take meaningless executive actions that will do little, if anything, to curb gun violence and will have the effect of letting the epidemic rage on — even as “no training” laws for carriers grow in more states, open carry becomes more widespread and sensitive places are being forced to allow guns.

Pro-gun-control groups will be ecstatic about the upcoming executive actions, calling them a “first step.” But they are as misguided, pointless and meaningless as shutting down one Chipotle restaurant during an E. coli epidemic.

Heh, there is NOTHING bad that can come out of this for us! The war may soon be won. I think it’s obvious, even anti-gun President Barack Obama has now said he fears the pro-gun will of the American People vastly more than his anti-gun base.

I must close on this!

So Joan says that Barry Crying is good enough for her! Maybe we can compromise after all!

50 states and US Territories Constitutional carry….and Obama Cries on live TV.

All NFA items removed from the roster and sold as standard firearms and accessories…..and Obama Cries on live TV.

All anti-gun states forced under Federal law to respect the 2nd Amendment and not regulate firearms….and Obama Cries on live TV.

Man I could get behind this! Maybe I’m an anti-gunner again! 🙂

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