Gun Death: Mass Stabbing

You’ve seen it, the antis NEED mass shootings like a flower needs sunlight…except mass shootings are REALLY rare, and most shootings are gang-bangers with illegally owned guns in democrat-controlled cities often with restrictive gun laws. (Never mind that Mass Shootings are always in “Gun Free Zones”) so the antis have decided to invent their OWN definition of “Mass Shooting” where 4 or more people were “SHOT”, not necessarily killed. Well what would they make of this?

A woman’s ex-boyfriend forced his way into her apartment early Tuesday and fatally stabbed her and her two children before being critically injured in a knife fight with her current boyfriend, police said.

**VICTIM’s** ex-boyfriend arrived at the apartment, forced his way in and killed her and the children before her current boyfriend showed up and the two men scuffled.

So do we have here a “Mass Stabbing”? We have 3 dead bodies, an injured boyfriend who arrived too late (making the magic 4) AND remember the antis count the attacker as well, and he too was cut.

Obviously we need background checks before buying Knives! We need a FCL (Federal Cutlery License) with paperwork, serial numbers, and inventory, for bastions of death like Home Depot, REI, and Bed Bath and Beyond! Also whatever knife used is obviously an “Assault Knife” and needs to be BANNED!

Funny how the antis don’t care about this. It’s because they aren’t trying to ban knives….at least not yet


Thanks Less, I can’t do these stories every day like I used to, but I will still do the ones that fit best with the politics of today!

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