Home Again

Got back from Louisville at 2:00 am (!!) It was such a great show. Sebastian says it was the 2nd Most attended convention after the last show I went to in Houston, it was a REALLY good convention center for it, it was crowded, but the center handled it well.

Still 80,500 coming to one part of the country under their own dime is a LOT of people, and it really doesn’t reflect the common argument that most gun owners aren’t happy with the NRA representation, and we want more gun control.

To tide you over while I recover from the long days and lack of sleep, Ryan and I sat down in our room every evening and recorded a short recap that will be cut to a podcast.

I am as tired as I look!

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  1. Ratus says:

    No, Weer’d. The GZ shot was not a contact shot and it did extract. There was one spent S&B 9mm case recovered at the scene.

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