Post Election

So as for our new President, I really could care less. There are silver linings to Trump’s election, but I’ll probably save that for The Squirrel Report.

Still there IS cool news, Massachusetts has chosen to end the war on drugs, at least as far as pot goes.

Also Michael Bloomberg attempted to buy Maine and Nevada pushing background check referendums. Maine rejected Bloomberg, and showed him that no matter how much money you spend in a VERY small state, the American People can’t be bought!

Nevada unfortunately will now have Universal Background Checks, but that only passed by a margin of just over 10,000 votes!

This election will be getting Mikey to do a Cost benefit analysis!

I’ll leave you with this, I saw this ad just before I went and voted….

The Home Alone drop is a parody, but the ad was JUST that insane!

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2 Responses to Post Election

  1. Loess says:

    Can’t wait for SQRPT this week. The Schadenfreude has been extra sweet today.

  2. Chauncey Ching says:

    Hi Weerd, been meaning to write you for a while since I heard you on Handgun World and you discussed your anti-gun sentiment past. Fascinating story. Thank you for sharing and for what you do. I always look forward to your comments on Handgun Radio. You do a great job. You and Ryan do make an excellent and entertaining team.

    You may recall you helped me with recommendations on a sight pusher a few months ago. Thank you. I did get one and it makes life easier and less violent.

    I am always amazed you operate without a vice. Don’t know how you can do that but you do, and do so very well. In this context, I saw this on ebay and thought about you:

    I will be ordering one.

    Unlike you, I am devastated by the election results. While I am an avid gun person, I am also a flaming liberal and, for many years, have worked in Washington, DC on aging, human rights, and civil rights issues. I am also like you, I think, in being a professional researcher and university professor and do believe in science. Yes, there is global warming. I am a bit frightened but know that this new regime will also pass.

    Thank you for all your good work and openness. Keep up the great work.


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