Remember the BUTCHERY of cocktails from this post?

Well seems like they were already being flamed by a REAL pro

He’s right about the Sex on the Beach, that’s a fruity drink for those who want some alcohol in their system but don’t want to taste the booze, or have a nuanced flavor experience. And honestly if you used fresh squeezed orange juice and pure unsweetened cranberry juice, rather than off-the-shelf OJ and Cranberry juice cocktail, it probably wouldn’t taste very good, as a Sex on the Beach is sweet, fruity, and masking of all alcohol.

I like to call drinks like that “Kiddie Booze” because they’re drank by young people (hopefully of legal age) who haven’t learned to appreciate what fine spirits bring to the table, or for adults looking to knock back a drink for it’s medicinal effects by giving it a “Candy Coating” to mask that “icky booze” flavor.

But a Daiquiri is a classic cocktail. It’s rum, lime, and some sugar to sweeten it up. It’s really a simple drink so you’re going to be tasting all the elements, so good rum is a must, as is the sweeteners and juice.

using the off-the-shelf mix might work in a pinch, but rather than enjoying the nuance and oils of a fresh pressed lime, and a quality simple syrup (or in my case, I sweeten with triple sec for a little more flavor) you’re going to be tasting high fructose corn syrup, and at best reconstituted fruit…at worse artificial flavor.

No thank you.

The butchery in question is below:

BTW watch the half-ass shake job he’s doing! And these clowns are still in business????

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  1. Ben C says:

    In the 2nd video, it’s because his body doesn’t work right. His shoulders are pulled in to his neck like he is ducking his head to hide, and his upper arms don’t move. Everything he does with his hands is done from the elbows to the wrists.

    Lots of people end up like that due to poor posture and long hours sitting at a desk at work, then a couch at home.

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