Haven’t We Come a Long Way

I just found this interview online:

First thing, HOLY SHIT Harvey Fierstein used to be a looker. As long as I could remember him he was always fat and unkempt, and oh so Alien to me.

But man, listening to this interview and how Barbara Walters (who’s politics can be simply framed by her position on The View TV show) handles him and the absurd questions she asks. And I was 4 when this video was shot! It’s not like Slavery which was abolished in the 19th Century, or even Jim Crow which was stamped out before I was born.

Almost hard to believe I lived in the world where that good and civil interview was conducted….

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  1. Sean D Sorrentino says:

    Harvey Fierstein doesn’t really look that bad now. He might have a little weight on him, but he’s certainly not unkempt


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