They Call Me “Weird” For a Reason

When I install a very nice surround sound system to my computer in the armory, what do I immediately start listening to?

The Podcast put out by Brady Campaign activist Rebecca Flowers

The things I do for you podcast lovers!

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5 Responses to They Call Me “Weird” For a Reason

  1. Kristophr says:

    I this video would be a better use of your new sound system:

  2. Old NFO says:

    Hey, to each his own, right? 🙂

  3. SouthernKahrCarrier says:

    Who hurt you Weer’d? Who hurt you… This reminds me of a teen who cuts his girlfriend’s name into his arm with a razor blade. “I did it for you! I love you! Can’t you see this means I love you?” We all love you, Weer’d and have been noticing lately that you’ve been having a lot of problems, And you’ve been going off for no reason and we’re afraid you’re going to hurt somebody, And we’re afraid you’re going to hurt yourself. So we decided that it would be in you’re best interest if we put you somewhere where you could get the help that you need.

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