Can They Even Hear Themselves?

Ok so first, I feel for this guy. I too have a daughter, and I get it, but let’s get into it:

He repeats multiple times “We need to stop talking and start doing something”…but never actually uses the platform to give his version of a solution. I doubt he notes the irony.

Also another thing to note is that he dodges the question of “How did you feel about the issue before this?” The bottom line is gun control is bullshit, and the only laws that seem to have an issue here is the fact that despite multiple contacts and tips to law enforcement, they did NOTHING to take a dangerous person off the street.

When somebody goes on TV after they are stricken by tragedy and talks about gun control laws, their mind hasn’t changed, this was how they felt before. And that goes for people who talk FOR gun control, and AGAINST gun control.

Of course the Media has their agenda so they make sure to put the “right people” on the air.

The 24 Hour News Media is “Reality Television”, they take hours of unscripted recordings and distill it down to their predetermined narrative.

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2 Responses to Can They Even Hear Themselves?

  1. Divemedic says:

    This week, I contacted my state representatives and voiced my opinion. I also asked for the contact information of the ones who are pro-gun rights, so that I could donate to their campaigns. I am a life member of the NRA, so does that make my donation “blood money” or is it “grassroots” money?

  2. Loess says:

    The media only cares about getting you to stay through the next commercial break.

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