Retro Gamer…or Just Old Gamer

So this morning I was taking a Survey for an upcoming Game Theory Youtube Video. If you’re interested in video games, and specifically more of an inside baseball on games, both in their writing as well as the game theory behind why they are fun, give the channel a look. Further, if you’re a gamer and have like 10 mins, take the survey too, because more data points is better data.

Still this got me thinking, a friend recently built me a Raspberry Pi powered Retropi box and I was playing some games from my youth over the weekend. But the most recent game I bought was Super Mario 3D World as something to enjoy during the break between The Gunblog Variety Cast and the full production of the new Assorted Calibers Podcast. So while I bought that game just a few months ago, it was released in November of 2013, making it nearly 5 years old (and almost the same age as my daughter, which should explain why I didn’t buy it when it first came out).

Hilariously on that Game Theory survey I gave Nethack which is a totally truthful statement. But that’s not the funny part, despite being created in 1987 and not having graphics, Version 3.6 was released in December of 2015 making Nethack the most modern game I play regularly.

So do I just love the classics, or am I an old Dog who really isn’t interested in new tricks?

Either way I know how to have fun!

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