How Much Is Your Life Worth?

You hear this in discussions on lethal force to protect Property.   To be clear I’ll get more stuff, but also By nature that I won’t voluntarily hand my property over to the lowest members of society, it means I would only do so under lethal duress….

But the flip side is this story:

A driver made off with a bag of change after robbing a toll booth along Interstate 93 in New Hampshire on Monday, police said.

…He didn’t realize exactly what was going on until the suspect exited his vehicle and was essentially entering the toll booth with a knife in his hand with his backpack opening saying, ‘Put the money in the bag

Luckily when the toll booth operator surrendered his till, the robber moved on, it could have gone MUCH worse.

The attendant had just started his shift collecting the $.50 tolls and told the man he had no money.

“The exact amount of the change that was taken is still unclear. However, it appears to be a quite small amount. It may have even been under $1,” Field said.

There have been stories where the crook had an idea of how much they wanted the score to be, and when they found that the till was light they flew into a rage and harmed or killed the clerk.

Not only is this an insane case, but this dirtbag is looking at serious prison time for stealing less money than I used to make as a kid collecting cans for spending money.

Also I put this in the “Gun Death Files” even tho there was no death, as we have a pretty serious violent crime, in New Hampshire, the most gun-friendly place in the UNIVERSE, and yet no guns were involved.

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