Bloomberg Takes One on the Chin

No I’m not talking about this story But go click over if you want to read about what an asshole Bloomberg is allegedly being to his former campaign staffers. It didn’t warrant its own post, because I suspect all of Bloomberg’s promises for full-time work were just verbal. I don’t care how good the money is, when you go to work for a Fascist who is a pathological liar make sure EVERYTHING you expect is in writing…..and your lawyer reads it first before you sign.

No I’m talking about THIS story titled “You Just Panic-Bought a Gun. Here’s How to Handle It Safely.” Uh oh, who greenlit this piece????

You did it. You just joined the ranks of the millions of Americans who own a gun. I’ve had years of experience handling firearms — as part of my work in the military and law enforcement, recreationally, and for home defense. For many people, however, the novel coronavirus has been the catalyst for purchasing a first weapon. I want to be clear: Buying a firearm isn’t the same as stockpiling toilet paper. And it’s a grave — potentially lethal — mistake to simply toss a powerful weapon under a mattress or prop it up in a garage.

Yep, the people from the Bloomberg Mouthpiece who’s sole goal is banning ALL THE GUNS in private hands is now going to talk about gun safety.

Owning a gun introduces real risk. States with high rates of ownership experience significantly more accidental shootings, which often injure or kill children. Numerous studies show that access to firearms increases the odds of suicide.

This is a loaded and stupid statement. If you don’t handle guns you chances of an accidental injury are much lower….but if you live in gang infested cities where it is very difficult to own a gun, especially if you are poor or lower middle-class, then It could be said that not owning a gun INCREASES your odds of being shot.

The “Numerous Studies Show” is linked to this Harvard Page. Which looks like they’re supporting their results….except.

Twelve or more U.S. case control studies have compared individuals who died by suicide with those who did not and found those dying by suicide were more likely to live in homes with guns.

I copied the text with the link to the “Studies”. The link goes to Seriously, it goes to the NATIONAL page on cancer….the other links on the page are broken, but the fact that this one links to something not even remotely related seems to show that this Harvard page is not serious science. They do talk heavily about this thirty year old study that claims that guns CAUSE suicide….oh and the study only looked at patients who were undergoing psychiatric inpatient treatment. If you need to be hospitalized for mental health treatment, I think it might be wise to remove guns from the home until the problem has resolved.

They even have a study (one of the newer ones being from 2007) from David Hemenway. So yeah these are the EXACT same kinds of studies that got us the Dickey Amendment.

So with the soil salted with propaganda, The Trace Moves on:

There are four cardinal rules of gun safety:

Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
Never let the muzzle of the firearm point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
Don’t place your finger near the trigger until you are ready to fire.
Always identify your target — and what lies in front of and behind it.

Yep, those are Jeff Cooper’s four rules of gun safety….and they link to a page hosted by Springfield Armory. Yep when it comes to ACTUAL gun safety, they need to link to a GUN MANUFACTURER, because ALL anti-gun groups are abstinence only.

If you lined up for a gun in response to the coronavirus crisis, you bought a weapon for self defense, and you want to be able to quickly access it in an emergency. But the reality is: You won’t have eyes on your weapon at all times. Research shows that in 70 to 90 percent of youth suicides, unintentional shootings, and mass shootings, the person pulling the trigger used weapons belonging to family or friends. Plus, unsafely stored guns can present an opportunity for thieves.

I mean it’s good to keep your guns locked up.

The good news is: You can have ready access to your weapon, while simultaneously placing a barrier between your gun and people who shouldn’t be touching it. Find a safe or a lock, and practice accessing your weapon.

Oh no, they had to admit that locking up your gun, and also locking your ammunition separately is a bad idea! Jesus, who Greenlit this????

Read the manual

Operating a gun isn’t as simple as plugging in a new television. Guns are not always the most intuitive. Firearms come in a variety of models, with different purposes. They also break down and malfunction in a plethora of ways. So, sit down and read the manual. Carefully. There are a ton of YouTube videos out there with instructions on how to use your gun, and also how to break it down. You probably have time on your hands these days, anyway.

And they link to Lucky Gunner with an instructional Video on the AR-15, Guns Knives Survival with a primer on Shotguns, and Sootch with a tutorial on Glock Pistols. The shotgun one is pretty elementary, but Glocks, and AR-15s are the boogy man of anti-gunners…both because of their evil features, but also because they are some of the most popular guns owned. And double points for linking to a page for an online ammo seller!

When actually trying to keep people safe, they need to completely outsource their material.

They talk about cleaning off the shipping grease, which is good, and they close with this:

There’s a big difference between casually firing off some rounds with a new weapon, and actual training. I always extol the virtue of finding a solid, experienced firearm instructor and seeking their guidance. But training doesn’t stop there. Proper firearm manipulation — reloading, drawing, and clearing — are acts that are also crucial to firearm safety. Dry-fire practice can be an effective training supplement, allowing users to grasp these concepts in the comfort of one’s home, away from distractions and live fire. Such training can be done safely. Just make sure the gun is unloaded before handling it. And then check it again — just to be sure.

I’m amazed that this article ever saw the light of Day from The Trace, and it really shows how concerned the anti-gun forces are with actually preserving life.

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