Condolences to North Carolina

Looks like the Jim Crow Pistol Purchase Permit was Vetoed by the Governor.
And he had this total bullshit to justify supporting institutional racism!

“Gun permit laws reduce gun homicides and suicides and reduce the availability of guns for criminal activity,” Cooper said in a statement. “At a time of rising gun violence, we cannot afford to repeal a system that works to save lives. The legislature should focus on combating gun violence instead of making it easier for guns to end up in the wrong hands.”

So first up, this permit is applied for in person at a police station, then the permit needs to be presented to a dealer upon the purchase of a handgun, and the dealer retains the permit. So this isn’t a concealed weapons permit (tho residents of the state may forgo this foolish formality by getting their North Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit) and it isn’t an ownership permit like the Massachusetts and Illinois Firearms Owner Identification Card. This is essentially a coupon that needs to be bought from the police and “redeemed” at the sale of a firearm.

Further this law was passed in 1919 under racist pretext (PDF) so what info does the governor have that this vestige of Jim Crow “Saves Lives” and keeps firearms “Out of the Wrong Hands”?

How do you combat gun violence? Get out of the way of good people who want to own and carry guns, because the criminals don’t care!

Still good work by the people of North Carolina getting this bill on the Governor’s desk. If there is one thing we can learn from the anti-gun forces it’s persistence. It got Vetoed this time, but every time this bill lands on this or any other governor’s desk there is less of a chance the next time!

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2 Responses to Condolences to North Carolina

  1. Archer says:

    “… [W]hat info does the governor have that this vestige of Jim Crow “Saves Lives” and keeps firearms “Out of the Wrong Hands”?”

    That’s the wrong question.

    Better questions would be:
    1. Whose lives are worth saving?
    2. Whose hands are the wrong ones?

    At the time this law was passed, the answers would have been: 1. White supremacists (real ones like the KKK, not today’s definition of “anyone who disagrees with Woke-ism”), and 2. Law-abiding black people.

    Gov. Cooper is a Leftist Democrat, so we can safely assume that his answers are: 1. Criminals’ lives are more worthy of saving than non-criminals’, and 2. Peaceable patriots’ hands are the wrong ones.

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