Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 300: THIS! IS! ACP!!!

In This Episode:

To celebrate our 300th episode, we’re having an ACP Round Table!  (Sadly, no one is dressed as a Spartan.) Join Queen Erinidas alongside Weer’d Beard, Oddball, Xander, and David as they take a stroll to the Hot Gates of the NRA Annual Meeting and discuss:

  • signs at the NRA Annual Meeting that the corruption is still around, but the members are clearly wising up and taking the NRA to task for it;;
  • Donald Trump’s speech at NRAAM, which was more of the usual and with minimal talk of gun rights;
  • the possibility of Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms becoming the next NRA Executive Vice President (but the day after recording this we discovered that Barrett didn’t win);
  • more tourists arrested in the Turks and Caicos Islands for having a few pieces of ammunition in their luggage;.
  • the 9th Circuit Court striking down Hawaii’s butterfly knife ban;
  • firearm prohibitionist politicians turning on the dubious Shot Spotter technology, citing racism;
  • a Federal court issuing a temporary restraining order against the ATF’s change in the “Engaging in the Business of Selling Firearms” law;
  • legislation introduced in Congress to remove the $200 tax stamp requirement for SBRs, SBSs, and suppressors;
  • another NFA challenge regarding suppressors that are made in Texas and stay in Texas;
  • another surprising rule by the 9th Circuit, where one judge in three ruled that felons aren’t part of “The People”;
  • plus the usual silliness and side-tracking that happens with Round Tables.

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Show Notes

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