Good Work!

I think most of you remember This post on two Massachusetts gun owners claiming the goods of Deval Patrick’s “One-Gun-A-Month” law. I suspect they might be actors, and noted the dishonesty of their video.

Sebastian found an article that gives both their names and found them to very open anti-rights people. So again, the other side needs to lie to push their agenda.

As I said before, please take action now! to stop this bill from becoming law.

Also thanks to Sebastian for his good work further destroying this ruse of popular support.

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  1. RuffRidr says:

    Great work Sebastian!

    I noticed that the willfully ignorant one had a post on his blog about this today entitled “Reasonable Gun Owners Agree” and pointed to this YouTube video. It must be embarrassing for the anti-rights crowd to have such manufactured grassroots support that is so easily seen through.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah, check the quote of the day.

      Also FYI I checked my site-meter logs and found nothing from his standard IPs, so I suspect he got it from Sebastian’s piece I sited.

      So he knows it was a lie and said it anyway. How typical can you get?

  2. Dev says:

    Can I do anything if I don’t live in MA?

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