One Last Crack

I think our fussy little bigot is going into full-retreat, so I might as well strike while the iron is still warm for one last post. There is a little bit left on his blog, but its still just as bigoted as anything else.

So, when I posted Gunfight At The Shopping-Cart Corral, I was making fun of some guy’s rudeness. What kind of Neanderthal flaunts a gun when he goes grocery shopping? At a natural-foods store? At high noon in an upper-middle-class neighborhood? One of my friends commented: “He was using his gun to shoot the nectarines to see which ones were ripe. If the bullet ricochets off, the nectarine isn’t ready to be eaten.”

That’s the second time he felt the need to preface this little tale that it was both an upper-class and WHITE neighborhood.

I thought this little episode had only confirmed my initial assessment about gun-toters as mouth-breathing illiterates.

After he blocked all comments, and deleted his posts. You think there was ever any chance he’d change his mind?

He then talks about a generous gun owner offering to take him to the range. I’d bet my lunch money he doesn’t actually take him up to it, but even if he does, I doubt his mind will move from its fixed position (at least when he’s behind a keyboard). So “J” don’t waste your ammo and your range time. There are plenty of people who think they’re for gun control, but aren’t as openly bigoted.

Moving on:

Evidently Second Amendment enthusiasts feel duty-bound to silence those of us who exercise free-speech rights under the First Amendment.

We’re ignorant illiterate neanderthals? Be careful where you toss those rocks, dude in the greenhouse….

My original article satirized the concept of open-carry, and the target of my humorous rant was a fictional character, who didn’t even have a name. At that time, the idea of concealed-carry did not really bother me. If a gun-toter was smart enough to recognize that the open display of a weapon drastically tilts the perceived power balance between two individuals, then… live and let carry. As my father once said: “You can’t try to reason with a nutcase who flaunts his gun, you can only nod your head and back away slowly.”

Ahhh it was all made up. You think that’s true? And again, look at all the perceived threats of violence. Seems there are a whole bunch of violent death-wishes on Mr. Baird’s blog…maybe its you?

But these barbarians who roam the Internet and try to pick fights have now convinced me that NOBODY should have a gun. If they feel that personal attacks, libels and death threats are appropriate behaviors in the 21st century, how can they be trusted with guns? They shouldn’t even be allowed to carry sharp sticks.

Of course the personal attacks came from you, Mr. Baird, and there were no libels, nor death threats. But I like your little bluff that somehow you MIGHT have changed if it wasn’t for us Mouth-breathing illiterate red-necks.

And bottom line, he’s a liar, but even if he was speaking the truth, we don’t NEED him, and we’re better off without him.

As Joe of course repeats his great point:

Never forget that the anti-gun bigots are the KKK of the 21st Century. Look for opportunities to make that point. Make belonging to the Brady Campaign the equivalent of a membership in the KKK because it’s true.

Kevin Baker has another great post on the issue as well.

Also Linoge takes an interesting stab at all of Mr. Baird’s claims that we’re ignorant. I think we all know that dog don’t hunt!

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  1. bluesun says:

    To Mr. Baird, and while I’m sure you will interpret this in some way that makes it seem like an immensely personal attack, but still I have to say it–

    aye ye ye….

  2. Bob S. says:

    a fictional character, who didn’t even have a name.

    He admits to making up a story — why in the world shouldn’t we think he made up the ‘death threats’?

    But in making up a story, he expresses the opinion it is alright to kill — but he doesn’t trust us to carry sharp sticks. Guess the guy skipped the class when they defined irony.

    I’ve debated whether or not we should engage people like him, Joan Peterson, MikeB302000. I’ve came to the conclusion we really need to — if for no other reason as to expose their bigotry.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Who knows if the guy was real or not. Either way he admits to being a liar…and its not like we didn’t know that through precedence already!

      Yep we need to expose bigotry, but that is the ONLY reason why we should engage, anything more simply won’t happen. They won’t debate, they won’t tip their hand, and they won’t change their minds.

      And the best part is, we don’t need them to! We just need them to constantly admit to being bigots…something they gladly do!

      • mike w. says:

        We just need them to constantly admit to being bigots…something they gladly do!

        Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. Lucky for us these vile bigots that keep popping up are also not the smartest bunch.

  3. George says:

    What is amazing to me is that no matter how many times we go around this road…the result is always the same. Butthurt and reasoned discourse.

  4. NightPaws says:

    Why carry a gun to a grocery store?

    Umm, so if you get accosted in the parking lot by some big drunk guy someone smaller (and fatigued from being chronically ill) like me will have some chance of not getting robbed, raped, or assaulted in any way…

    That happened to a coworker of mine at the grocery store. A drunk guy grabbed his arm saying that my coworker did something to the drunk guy’s girlfriend after coworker didn’t give him any money when drunk guy begged. (He didn’t. Think wandering chronic inebriate.) Fortunately the coworker jumped into his truck since he all ready had the door open and got away. Called the cops after. The cops told him it was a good thing he didn’t pull his gun, as he, “had a means of escape” since he was standing near his truck loading groceries. My coworker is a pretty big guy, around 6′ and a half. He has huge hands. His carry is a .50. (Can’t see it on him either.)

    So imagine how I feel if I’m at the store. I’m 5’5″ on a good day. Lately I’m so health-screwed up it’s amazing I can get through the store or the work day for that matter. If I had drunk guy come up to me and grab my arm, what am I supposed to do? Scream for help and pray to the gods above that SOMEONE STOPS?! Call 911 and hope I can fend him off myself until the police show up?
    Granted, up here, I think someone would stop and help me, but why should I have to depend on the kindness of strangers? I’m not Blanch DuBois!

  5. Linoge says:

    Well, at least Alan Baird can recognize the irony:

    12 Oct Update: We bought handguns. To protect us from the gun wackos. Ironic, ain’t it? We don’t intend to carry them openly (it’s still rude, which was my original point), but after reviewing our state’s laws, all I can say is… wow. CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) without a permit. CCW in gloveboxes. CCW (w/permit) in bars. And my military discharge got me the permit. Arizona is a real Weapons Wonderland.

    Now if we can just get him to recognize his hypocrisy…

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