Quote of the Day: Joan

I thought about tearing apart the quote, but let’s face it, unless you are an idiot, it should hold up on its own. Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign, and the Million Mom March, is in fact an idiot, and I have little doubt of that. Also Typos are kept intact because I’m kinda curious if Joan had a few glasses of wine with dinner:

Your comments are irrelevant to what my purpoe is on this blog. Most people could care less about you guys and whether your ammunition can penetrate soft armor. I’m actually worried about guys like you who obsess about thlhis stuff. I am wondering whether or not you actually intend to shoot a cop. Why dp you think they wear protective vests? The vests must protect them from se types of ammunition. If not,who would choose to be an officer?They’d have to fear every hunter who thinks like you do. I appreciate your efforts to “educate” me. My concern is that too many of you guys sound whacky to me. That’s just the way it is. Instead of reassuring me, I am more concerned than ever that any efforts to stem the tide of gun violence will be met with fierce ,and maybe even armed resistance. I don’t need to know everything there is to know about guns to form my opinions. There ate lots of experts to do that. You guys have forgotten that most of the public simply does not care about your copious gun facts. They just know there are way tooamy shootings no matter what kind of gun is used. And for some of you to defend machine guns is beyond the pale. That is way far out of thesonstre thinking. You will have no support for that one. I would drop that rhetoric if I were you. Not a popular position.

Ok one point of order, if our position isn’t popular, why are our numbers growing, while people like Joan are alone in her efforts?

Just an observation, hon.

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  1. bluesun says:

    Wine, or cheap vodka? That was pretty bad, and I think wine is giving her too much class.

  2. Bob S. says:

    This is the same woman who said that many of her commenters seemed “whacky” to her.

    Excuse me Joan — aren’t you the person who believes inanimate objects cause murders?

    Wonder if she types her blog posts looking in the mirror?

  3. Camarath says:

    It is scary to me how she wants to be able to craft “common sense” gun laws but doesn’t want to acquire some “common knowledge” about guns. How can you control something you don’t understand and how can you understand something you don’t know anything about? I just don’t see how you would ever be able to predict the effect of your actions. Expert advice is no substitute for personal competence.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    If you REALLY want to spin her up, go to New Jovian Thunderbolts Blog and ask if he can send the picture of Breda and my wife Carol looking on as Van’s little girl was shooting my M1 carbine to Ms. Peterson. Talk about Women’s Rights!

  5. And for some of you to defend machine guns is beyond the pale.

    I’d love to put her out in the middle of a certain Texas border lake — completely unarmed, mind you, not even a five-shot .38 — and see if she’d still say that.

    • Bob S. says:


      The kicker is she and/or her husband aren’t unarmed!

      Some of those pesky, provocative, insulting questions I’ve asked her have to do with their ownership of firearms.

      I’ve asked things like “was a background check performed prior to obtaining them” or “Did they go through a licensed dealer” or “Were they properly trained”.

      Funny how she doesn’t mind asking us questions but is reluctant to answer them.

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