Combat Accuracy

Old NFO points me to this video by the great hickok45

An uber-high-end Ed Brown 1911 According to Google they run about $2500 NIB and a plane-Jayne Glock 21 Which runs around $530 NIB. Both guns are considered high quality and good value for their price point.

Still using both guns and the same ammo he shows he can ring any gong on his wonderful playground. When it comes to collecting, possessing , and shooting guns your tastes are the only relevant factor. I own a couple of 1911s, I don’t own any Glocks. Doesn’t mean I think Glocks aren’t great guns, just I never fell in love with one. (I really wanted to love a G20 I found a local shop for a good price, but standing there with the gun in my hand I just knew I wouldn’t shoot it much) Some people prefer revolvers, others semi-autos, others prefer to bother with shotguns and rifles over handguns.

Still when it comes to practical carry guns, which is better? The $2,500 1911, or the $530 Glock? Neither, they’re both effective lead delivery systems at practical ranges….and frankly beyond because unless hickok45 is doing some handgun hunting I don’t see him defending his life from attackers 80 yards away.

BTW when I shoot my 1911s some days my groups are fairly tight, others they really suck. I rarely get a group under 3-4″ on the page, and some days 8″ circles is all I can shoot consistently, what hickok45 shows is this is ONLY me, not my gun or my ammo, and in the end unless you’re going to log the crazy time to become a proficient offhand target shooter, there’s no need to quibble about what gun is better than what other gun.

Pick a gun in an effective caliber that feels good for you to carry and shoot and then practice with it. Doesn’t matter if its a .380 or a 10mm, doesn’t matter if its a used Glock or a NIB Ultra-custom 1911.

Actually scratch that, beware of REALLY tight guns, the accuracy they produce won’t be noticeable in your hands, but the tight tolerances might effect reliability.

Carry your damn guns!

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