DGU Be Careful When Selling Things Online

This is one thing I do have concerns about.

Akron police said one man went to the victim’s house and looked at the gaming system around 6 p.m. He then called a friend to bring him money to buy the game.

Within minutes, two armed men broke into the house and robbed the victim of $85.

During the robbery, the victim pulled out his own handgun and fired several shots at the suspects, who ran out of the house and drove off in a car.

Whenever I have to have service work done on my house I’m ALWAYS armed. You don’t know who’s showing up.

Also when selling personal property I like to meet in a public location rather than my home. One GREAT place is my gun club. Public location and CC TV cameras everywhere just-in-case.

I assume from the reading this guy was carrying or had a gun near at hand. Good work!

This story is brought to you by BLNN: The Bubblehead Les News Network.

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  1. Tango says:

    I answer the door, hand on the butt of my gun, finger off the trigger. Once I see who it is, I pull my shirt down to conceal and they’re never any the wiser that it even happened. I’ve had strangers in my home in the past, but even when we’re alone, my gun doesn’t leave my belt or pocket. Ever.

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