“Gun Death” Fists and Soccer

Sometimes the “Gun Death?” stories don’t take anything more exotic than Fists.

It was a simple act of chivalry that allegedly brought a husband’s rage upon Christopher Matthews, a 33-year-old coach who died Monday after being removed from life support..

Matthews, the girls soccer coach at Stratford High School, had just finished a meal with colleagues and parents Friday in celebration of a recent victory.

One of the parents expressed concern that she was receiving threatening text messages from her husband, friends said. Matthews decided to escort the woman to her car, in the parking lot of a restaurant in the 14030 block of Memorial Drive in Houston.

As Matthews, whose wife was also at the restaurant, accompanied the woman at about 11 p.m., the husband was waiting for her, friends said. The alleged attacker, Ronald Lee Newman, 51, punched Matthews, who fell to the ground and lost consciousness, police said.

Matthews was treated in the intensive care unit at Ben Taub General Hospital, and friends gathered Sunday to pray that the swelling in his brain would subside. But the beating had taken its toll.

A sad tale, but given that the weapon used was not a gun, the anti-rights advocates can’t dance in the blood. Hell because the weapon used was something we all have, including those who hate freedom, its a total bust for blood dancing!

h/t Pistolero

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