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Jack reports that now you can’t buy Iodine in stores.

After canvassing local chain drug and grocery stores, we’ve found out that you can no longer buy iodine to treat small cuts and skin abrasions. The reason is that meth dealers use it to make their product. This ban is a fairly recent development.

And just like the crackdown on decongestants this will be just a speed bump as the Meth heads cook their way to fame and fortune (or an early grave in the basement of a house that just exploded), but we’ll be kicked in the balls just for wanting to live in a world of modern medicine.

And don’t we all have a story of us searching heaven-and-Earth with a splitting sinus headache and a plugged nose looking for an open pharmacy when your sudafed supply ran dry….

Can we just declare the War on Drugs a rout and withdraw the troops?

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  1. Tango says:

    So… can you get Iodine AT ALL?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Dunno, the report is pretty lean on details. Probably my guess is the DEA/FDA ordered the stuff off the shelf until they can draft a pointless procedure where you can be harassed for first aid equipment.

      Personally I just go the Iso-propyl route…but we stock Iodine for animal surgery in the lab so I could always walk off with a box.

    • Kristopher says:

      Home brew stores sell bottles of dilute iodine to disinfect carboys.

      Since they do not have Pharmacy licenses to protect, they can tell the DEA to sod off.

  2. Miguel says:

    I saw some Iodine not too long ago at my local Walgreens. Latins will faithfully have iodine alongside a rosary, it is in our culture! If you haven’t been subject to the little plastic paddle dripping with that awful thing, you have not experienced pain as a kid.
    Gonna go get some

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Interesting. Overall my folks were the soap and water kind of people. Sometimes if something looked bad or really dirty they’d go Iso Propyl Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide, but we never had Iodine around the house.

      This was Maine where “Mexican Food” was Taco Bell, and “Latin” was the funny language the Priest spoke. I wonder if there’s a cultural aspect…

      BTW Which Latin country are you originally from?

  3. Vector says:


  4. Alan says:

    This is getting ridiculous.

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  6. JD says:

    Ban gasoline! Those dirty meth cooks use it in cars when they deliver their product.

  7. J says:

    Iodine (tincture of Iodine – technically) is one of the most useful items to have around the house. It can be used to treat cuts and scrapes and prepare areas for injection (useful for people you need insulin or epinephrine). It can also be used to treat water for drinking – necessary in an emergency situation. Great for keeping dog’s ears clean from mites. If they do this, what is next? Am I going to get in trouble for buying a few gallons of bleach or acetone?

  8. TIM says:

    Its pretty crazy at the attempts they make to supposedly stop the drug trade.I think at least where I live here in California most of the Meth is coming from Mexico.So pulling Iodine from the shelves don’t think is going to do any good.I think the reality of the drug situation is they could never SADLY stop it completely.Think of all the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement jobs that would no longer be needed.

  9. Pop N Fresh says:

    this has been in the works for a few years now, they also went for powdered celox (and other powdered hemostatic agents)

    you can buy celox pouches because they only are applied to the surface but powdered celox was deemed only for internal use and not to be made available the general public. shame because every shooter needs a blow-out kit.

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