More of Us Winning

I’m listening to last week’s Larry Miller Podcast, of which I’m a huge fan. He got to talking about an outing he took on one of his movies where he mentions a “Professional cowboy” from Texas (no name given, so I don’t know exactly what that means) and Larry mentions how much fun he had out in the Desert shooting guns, and his allure and amusement of firearms, despite not owning any.

Note that Larry grew up in New York City, went to College in Massachusetts, and now lives in LA, and he’s an actor and comedian.

That’s the resume of a die-hard anti, but yet he can’t find anything bad to say about guns.

Remember, ignorance is the fuel of the antis, take a newbie to the range!

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  1. TJR says:

    As a professional cowboy myself (from North Dakota, not Texas), and a fan of Larry Miller’s podcast, I look forward to listening to that while I am cutting hay tomorrow.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I assume you’re of the beef-raising variety. We don’t use such terms up here in the Northeast where Dairy is the main reason to have a few cows ambling around the back 40.

      Still knowing Larry’s line of work, my first thought were people like Thell Reed and other Cowboy Action masters that make decent money teaching City Slickers from New York and Hollywood how to handle a peacemaker or a Winchester and not look like a total goon.

      He can’t recall the “Cowboy’s” name, so we may not know.

      Glad to hear you like the Larry Miller Podcast too. Given that this is a gun blog, I assume people are amused by some of the same gun podcasts like Michael Bane, The Gun Dudes, and Empty Mags. But of course I’m not all guns all the time. 8)

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