Quote of the Day: Barron

Barron hits it out of the park with this tag line.

No one but god himself has the ability to restrict the right to self-defense, and even then I’d tell him to F-off.

I’ve always been one to say that you can’t believe in a kind, compassionate, and caring God who says you can’t eat bacon or pork ribs. Sorry, that’s not love, that’s SPITE!

Same goes for a God that demands you not defend your own life as a sacred gift, or defend the lives of innocent others.

If your God asks you to not defend yourself, you rightly should tell him to F-Off, because either he deserves it, or he’s testing you on the brass content of your balls.

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  2. If I may, what about the Christian Martyrs, starting with St. Stephen?

    • Why would I give any credence to man if I’m willing to tell god to go fuck himself?

      Son of god, god himself, a prophet, I don’t give a damn. Anyone/thing that says to give up my means of self defense to retain my right to to gift of life can go to hell.

  3. bluesun says:

    Considering that we say that self defense is a God-given right…

  4. Daniel in Brookline says:


    I guess you and I will have to differ on the subject of pork ribs etc…

    Personally, I like the theories of Rabbi Harold Kushner in that regard. He says that the kosher “forbidden foods” accomplish two things — first, they train people in self-discipline (particularly in a place, like America, where non-kosher temptations are everywhere); and second, they remind us that, while killing animals in order to eat is acceptable, it must never be done lightly. (There are no kosher restrictions on eating plants, for example.) If that doesn’t make sense to you, that’s fine; I’m not gonna tell you what to eat.

    In a certain sense, commandments from God have the same force as a restraining order. Unless you truly believe that God will strike you down if you disobey, well, what you do with God’s commandments is between you and Him and your conscience.

    When people claim a religious obligation to not defend themselves, I feel sorry for them… and I earnestly hope that, when the rubber meets the road, they will not take others down with them.

    Judaism, to which you allude, does not have any restrictions on self-defense that I know of. (Check out jpfo.org.) The sixth commandment, often mistranslated as “thou shalt not kill”, in fact reads in the original as “thou shalt not murder”. Not being a Christian, I’ll leave discussions of “turn the other cheek” to others.

    In re telling God to f*** off, you might be surprised at the rich Jewish tradition for such sentiments. One of my favorite jokes involves four rabbis who habitually disagree, three to one, with the same guy always the odd man out; he’s then told “It’s three to one, so we’re right and you’re wrong”. Finally he gets sick of it and asks God to demonstrate with a sign; God obliges, with increasingly dramatic signs, culminating with a booming voice that says “LISTEN TO HIM, HE’S RIGHT.” The fourth rabbi says “So what do you say now?” The others shrug and say “So now it’s three against two.”

    all the best,
    Daniel in Brookline

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Great story, and interesting sentiment on the commandments.

      I hope you didn’t take too much offense, as my words come from one of amorphous faith.

      My goals are to leave this place better than how I found it, and that’s the long and the short of it. 8)

      Mazel tov!

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