Criminal Movement

Some shining rays of light from the Kill the Jews Movement. First arrests:

Three Occupy Oakland protesters were arrested after they allegedly battered a California woman, stole her wallet and made anti-gay remarks, the Oakland Tribune reported Saturday.

Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, were charged with robbery and hate crime Friday and remained in Dublin, Calif., jail Saturday.

Well I guess we can add Gays to the list of people who the Kill the Jews movement will attack. Get this:

The unnamed 42-year-old woman stumbled across a group of Occupy Oakland protesters demonstrating outside a Wells Fargo bank branch and decided to voice her opinion about the protest movement and asked them not to riot in her neighborhood, according to an Oakland Police Department statement.

Yeah riots are hard on a neighborhood, and where you find “Occupy” signs, you find riots, violence, hate, and criminal behavior.

Also there’s this story.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Occupy Cleveland activists will march against foreclosure at 8 this morning from Public Square to an undisclosed location.

Occupy Cleveland, labor groups and community organizations will rally “against the biggest issue affecting Cleveland today, foreclosures,” spokeswoman Katie Steinmuller said in a news release.

Yep, people take out a loan so they can buy something expensive (in this case a home), signing legal documents saying that if they fail to keep up with their payments the property will be returned to the lender. And its bad when they have to make good on their promise.

They are perpetual children. Only when a toddler throws a tantrum it doesn’t mix up Molotov Cocktails, and assault and rape.

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  1. Kevin Baker says:

    In the words of Andrew Breitbart to the OccupyWhatever crowd, “BEHAVE YOURSELVES! BEHAVE YOURSELVES! BEHAVE YOURSELVES!”

  2. North says:

    Expect ‘occupy’ riots on Nov 7th if Obama loses. Then what? An excuse to declare Martial Law?

  3. Wow… I hadn’t considered the consequences of a Republican win. You might just be right. The Occupy *Whatever* movement might just riot if the “O” loses. Well, that settles it, I’m going to have to invest in some form of bucket to take to the polls with me in case I vomit when pulling the handle for whoever the Republicans put up as their guy.

    I just have to see if they are froggy enough to jump. As a bonus, if they do riot maybe I can use the contents of my bucket to throw on them while defending my home. My not-a-1% home, but that doesn’t matter to them assholes. Railing against the 1% is just a made up bullshit excuse anyway.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Fuck that. I’m planning on voting 3rd party, and if that’s not allowed I’ll vote for Obama, and I’ll be armed when I do it, and I’ll have a bunch of loaded FAL magazines ready to go.

      If Romney or Santorum get elected RINOs will be the ONLY Republicans we’ll see in our lifetime run federally, because no matter how much the voters hate them, the pointy-heads will call it a “Mandate”.

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