“Gun Death” Employee Disarmed

Food Delivery driver, and Real estate agent are some of the most dangerous professions in America.

A pizza delivery man was stabbed several times while making a delivery in southeast Oklahoma City on Saturday night, police said.

Investigators said the 77-year-old Domino’s Pizza delivery man was stabbed at an apartment complex near Tinker Air Force Base at Southeast 48th Street and Sooner Road about midnight Saturday.

Police said the victim was stabbed several times while trying to leave after no one answered the door at the apartment.

In this case the driver is summoned to the chosen ambush point, and the attacker knows they will get a person with both cash and a vehicle. In the case of Dominoes, they also know that the driver is mandated by their employee to be disarmed.

Those who use “Gun Death” say that disarming employees makes us safer. That seem to add up that way to you?

h/t Jennifer

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  1. Joe in PNG says:

    Back during my pizza days* I stashed a Cold Steel Recon tanto up my sleeve. Nowhere near as good as a gun, but better than nothing.


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