“Gun Death” Extension Cord

Back when I first started doing the “Gun Death?” Files I found most of the stories. Now I rarely publish one that isn’t brought to me by a reader. Still back when I went hunting for stories looking up “Stabbing Death” or “Beating Death”, it was too easy, and it made the series almost ironic, as the more exotic the murder weapon, the more foolish it makes the metric of “Gun Death” look.

A search term I would frequently use was “Strangled with Cord”.

A jury in Saginaw has convicted a 37-year-old suspended police officer of first-degree murder in the extension cord strangulation of a woman eight months pregnant with his son….Bluew was with another officer when 32-year-old Jennifer Webb’s body was found Aug. 30, 2011 near a drainage ditch in Buena Vista Township, about 85 miles northwest of Detroit. An extension cord was around Webb’s neck and attached to the roof rack her sport utility vehicle.

A forensic pathologist testified during a preliminary exam that he believes someone killed Webb by approaching her from behind and applying a “chokehold” on the woman. He testified Webb died due to “neck compression” and not because of “ligature strangulation” by hanging herself with an extension cord, though Buena Vista police initially classified her death as a suicide.

Look at all these ugly angles. We have a murder weapon that’s a standard extension cord. A tool just about everybody has, I probably have a dozen kicking around. We have a police officer, the “Only Ones” who can be trusted with guns in the eyes of those who use the metric of “Gun Death”, also it appears the officer used his authority to attempt to classify his dirty work as a suicide.

Also the woman was pregnant, funny how a “Partial Birth Abortion” is considered murder when it isn’t a Doctor doing the killing.

I’m glad justice was served in this grim case. But according to those who use “Gun Death” as a way to push their agenda, he’ll be getting life in prison for NOTHING!

h/t Barron

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