“Gun Death” Lumber

Yep, tree pieces and murder weapons, in a land where guns are all but banned!

A pub league football referee was bludgeoned to death after he ruled a goal was offside during a friendly match in Zimbabwe.

Isaac Mbofana, 34, died on the spot after a fan battered him around the head with a log during the heated game last week.

Soccer is one of those sports enjoyed by people who don’t think people should ever know gun. Soccer fans are also probably the most likely sports fan to murder when a game doesn’t go their way. Look at NASCAR, that’s a sport enjoyed by beer-drinking, gun packing, country-music listening “Savages”…and you never see this shit.

Still if you ban guns, well you lower “Gun Death”. The fact that the disarmed serfs will pick up rocks or chunks of wood and beat each other to death is entirely irrelevant!

h/t Bob

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  1. Jake says:

    That’s a friendly game?! I’d hate to see an unfriendly one!

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