“Gun Death” Pedal Inversion

How often do we hear about this?

One woman was killed after a car crashed into a pizza restaurant in Anna on Friday afternoon….Police said an 80-year-old woman leaving a nearby beauty salon hit the gas instead of the brake pedal as she was pulling out of parking spot.

It’s almost always a beauty salon or a pharmacy, sometimes a supermarket, and the person who mistakes the gas for the brake is ALWAYS well north of 70 years old. After a string of such deaths (one killing a doctor in a hospital) there was an attempt to make older drivers take a competency test to ensure they are still fit to drive. It got shot down by the Massachusetts legislature, because retired seniors have very high voter turnout.

This is the same state where I need an expensive permit to OWN or BUY guns. Yeah, they’re concerned about our safety!

h/t Bob

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3 Responses to “Gun Death” Pedal Inversion

  1. Old NFO says:

    They are ONLY concerned about re-election NOTHING ELSE matters…

  2. JD says:

    Old NFO beat me to it. . . but you have lived here long enough to know that Weird . . . . It is all about them. We are just the sheep they live off of.

  3. Scott says:

    You would think driving was a “right”! instead of a privilege the way people get bent out of shape about driving regulations….

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