Sane People Get It!

One of the saws of anti-rights people is the demonstration of “Need”. Now rightfully so, human rights have nothing to do with “Need”. I’m exercising my 1st Amendment rights right now, but do I really need a website or a computer to update it to say what I’m saying?

Still there ARE times when “Need” is VERY real, and Lee Doren points out that post-Sandy Anarchy in New York is EXACTLY when you NEED guns

Now I don’t NEED guns right now, but if I DO really need them its not like they will be available!

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2 Responses to Sane People Get It!

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  2. AZRon says:

    It’s very disheartening. Each newer generation seems to focus more on wants than needs. There are still many of US out there, but because we see to our own needs, we’re too busy taking care of our circle to make dramatic headlines for the media.

    In a strong society, these pox-people would soon disappear and no longer be whiny burdens to the rest of us. Survival of the fittest, and all that…

    Whether it’s Sandy, an earthquake, a drought, Katrina, or any other natural disaster, you’ll have people that will prepare, and you’ll have twice as many that don’t and expect to be taken care of. Even with advance notice, they’ll do nothing to help themselves. They’ll sit on their collective asses and blame global warming, FEMA, GW Bush, the city, state, and federal gov’t, yet don’t possess the survival instincts of a Cheeto. This attitude truly disgusts me.

    Maybe if politicians didn’t pander to wants, but focused on needs, we wouldn’t have a pussified society that cries like little girls everytime their feet get wet.

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