The Gun Control Debate

John Has a list of various anti-rights hacks dusting off their favorite hobby horse in the wake of the school shooting.

There is NOTHING new here, EVERYTHING in this list has been tried before. Every time these laws have failed to do what they proposed to do.

They talk about “Debate” or “Discussion” of gun control, but really they offer nothing. They choose to bring this up in the wake of a tragic event to STIFLE debate, not foster it. So when somebody points out that NONE of these proposed laws would have done ANYTHING to change this, they can waive the bloody shirt and say “DEAD CHILLLLLDRENNNN!!!!”.

These are not rational people, nor are they rational laws. They hope our minds will be clouded with the sadness, and misery of such a tragedy.

Of Course in Newtown, where just about everybody has a direct connection to the dead and injured they aren’t falling for it:

“The gun is not the issue. If someone else there had a gun, maybe they could have stopped this,” Benjamin Torres, owner of Betor Roofing in Danbury, said over breakfast at a Newtown diner. “The bad guys are going to get guns illegally anyway.”…“I live in that town. My children went to that school. This is not a time to make news,” said the range’s white-bearded owner, who declined to give his name. “Holiday season is a tough time to lose someone, especially kids, and I’m not going to add to their misery.”

He also said he did not trust the press to accurately portray gun enthusiasts. “Many of us are college-educated. I myself have a masters’ degree.”

On Saturday afternoon at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Danbury, shoppers milled about the hunting section.

One shopper, 19-year-old Peter Griffin from nearby Redding, said the shooting only strengthened his enthusiasm for guns because killers are more likely to go where there are no guns.

“Personally, I feel safer where there’s guns. I don’t want to go to any gun-free zones any more,” said Mr. Griffin, an apprentice cabinet maker who owns three guns.

Newtown-area gun businesses say sales have picked up since President Barack Obama’s election, as gun owners fear a crack-down.

The sales are like this all over the nation, but this is a local story, and the people who were actually touched by this event, rather than the soulless parasites who feign sympathy for political capital, are buying guns.

The anti-rights cultists are digging out their re-tread laws. We need to stand up and say “You had your chance, you tried your laws. They didn’t work, and you lied. This wasn’t about guns!”

Be safe out there people, and carry your damn guns. They say that carrying a gun isn’t a magical talisman, but strange enough, the beasts seem to avoid lawful carriers as if they were….

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7 Responses to The Gun Control Debate

  1. Blackhawk101 says:

    Weerd- i grew up in Newtown, graduated NHS in 1981, my wife is a high school english teacher there and my sin graduated NHS (where Lanza was a classmate of his). I was down the road within sight of the SHES sign at my doctors Friday. In the back of my car were a number of weapons to include my suppressed SBR AR with loaded mags for a trip to the range saturday morning. We are all in deep shock down here- cant even begin to describe the pain. However I have heard a number of people rebuffing the MSM re: gun control. Some have asked why cant teachers be armed (my wife carries a Sig)- those people are not being broadcast by the vultures circling the bodies of our babies (17 camera crews were set up across the road from our only funeral home today to catch every grief stricken visitor to Honans- bless the PD from the surrounding towns who made sure the ghouls stayed across the road). But yes the MSM here is in full out blood dancer mode

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Didn’t you were so local to this, I can’t even imagine, and it must be even worse with people trying to come to terms with this horrible event, while the vultures in the media are circling trying to get a “great live-shot” for their morning bumper.

      The good thing is the rational arguments ARE getting played. You can see in the last link, the press is interviewing pro-gun people, and actually giving them some respect, as well as acknowledging that the gun shops are flush with people now. Also I’m seeing on all the news shows people raising the point that all of these shootings are in gun-free-zones, and the implications of this.

      Please pass on my sympathies to all you speak to. Let them know we’re not all vultures looking to attack the people of Newtown in a time of weakness.

      • Yes- very local.

        WIfe went in Monday for specialized training on how to talk to the kids today. My son remembers Adam- kids called him “The Wraith” as he never talked, drifted into class with head down and left as soon as the bell rang and almost never ever talked in class even if directly asked a question by a teacher. My son doesnt remember him being bullied so much as ignored.

        Media vultures out in force- easily a dozen satellite vans parked in front of the high school with reporters trying to talk to the kids, parents and teachers. The support of surrounding towns PD’s and the state police are outstanding- the are doing yeoman duty protecting our kids and keeping the vultures at bay from the schools, the funeral home and especially the victims family.

        My wife was furious Sunday when she got an email from a an ABC producer saying “Hi there- heard you were a teacher in Newtown. WOuld be very grateful if you know any of the victims families and could get us in touch. SOrry for your loss” Others have gotten similar emails and tweets. To complete this debacle we have Westboro Baptist Church threatening to come and protest our babies funerals. We have a good 4 – 5,000 people ready to create a wall against those fuckers.

        I am going out later today to take pictures of the memorials all over town. The town is taking down all of its Christmas decorations. Yesterday I brought coffee and bagels from our local bagel shop to the police from Greenwich, Derby, Seymour, and the state police down in the center of Sandy Hook who were standing in that pouring rain keeping the ghouls from SHES (which will probably be destroyed- no one in town wants to send their kids back there and even some of the staff I do not believe will go back- SHES is also the oldest school in Newtown and needed to be replaced in the next decade or so).

        But thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The town has bonded very close together but we are still in shock and disbelief.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, had that in the last post about how people with guns end these things right-proper.

      • Kristophr says:

        Ah, you caught it as well.

        One caveat: Not all of them are capable of suicide. And not all shut down.

        The Tacoma Mall shooter, after he was interrupted by a CCW holder, hid in a clothes store, and spent a half hour whining to a scared clerk about how bad his life was, until the SWAT Team found him and arrested him.

        And the Texas Clocktower shooter had military training, and needed to be taken out by a direct assault. As did the Ft. Hood shooter.

        But, unless the shooter had military training, any interruption to their internal script shuts them down, one way or another.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Well that’s why not only do I carry a gun, I carry a LOADED gun…and I train to hit what I’m shooting at.

          Generally they chicken out…but if they don’t we have other tools in that tool box.

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