Whittle On Beta Males

I would go a step further. A “Beta Male” type is the LAST person you want packed in a micro-environment with you. Bill essentially says it, but doesn’t expand on it. What is it that makes an “Alpha” vs. a “Beta”, he talks about Hollywood bravado, and action, but really its self-confidence. An Alpha is the person who will make a judgement call, trust their judgement, and act on it. Betas do the same thing, just they lack the confidence so they either don’t act, or when they DO act they do it in a way where they won’t be held accountable if they have a mistake.

Take the Bin Laden Raid, President Obama talks like he was right there in the compound holding a HK416 giving the Mozambique to Osama….but he was ready if the raid failed to pretend it never happened.

Have a look at the anti-gun activists. They talk their talking points all day long, but they won’t defend them to people who don’t agree with them. Further they constantly call pro-rights activists “Bullies” because we’re stalwart defenders of our rights, and are constantly calling the anti-right forces to the carpet for their lies and misleading information. Meanwhile they support every punitive law, attack people for simply defending their lives, as well as do all sorts of underhanded behaviors to attempt to control the message. When things get tough they hide behind a dead body. No, you’re not speaking out against the lies of the Brady Board Member, you’re attacking Joan Peterson’s dead sister! No you’re not speaking out for the right to self defense, you’re gloating that Sybrina Fulton’s son Travon was killed!

They use the term “Bully” and try and paint others as aggressive and boorish, but really its the other way around. Think about it this way, do any of you know a BIG Guy. The guy who’s just a marvel of genetics. The guy who maybe works out, maybe doesn’t, either way he’s the first to call when you’re moving because he can pick up a sofa, or a box of books like it doesn’t exist.

Are you scared around this guy? I know a bunch of guys who are that big and powerful, and as a rule they’ll take more shit from somebody before they react, and they’re generally vastly more easy going than the average bear. Why? Because they have nothing to prove, and know that when they react something is going to happen, and they have a pretty good idea what.

Meanwhile I think we all know a “Little Man”, a guy who just didn’t measure up to the rest of us. Not his fault, and nothing wrong with him, he’s just small. Now I know a few small guys who are very confident, but I know a bunch who have an issue with it. This is the guy who’s going to take a swing at somebody who said something off color.

Why? Confidence. They HAVE something to prove. They want people to see them as more than small. Further they aren’t confident in what will happen when they step off the line. Will they win, will they lose? That sort of variability can get ugly VERY fast, and can be dangerous for more than just the person doing the actions.

What do you think?

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  1. RedeemedBoyd says:

    Great video by Bill. You commentary is mostly on the mark too. I think there’s more to it than confidence, but that is the one of the biggest driving factors.
    Toward the end, you touch on the concept of people who have nothing to prove, vs those who don’t know what will happen when ‘they step off the line.’ I’d like to expand on this thought a little. When you have a person who is that unsure of success in that moment, how unsure are they of the rest of reality? Do they have a concept of what will happen when things turn ugly outside of their control? If they do, what sort of plan do they have? What strategy for success could be developed on the fly by that mindset? Could they be trusted to make the right call, AND to follow through on it? Oh look, these questions lead me right back around to where you started. Big shock there.

    If we look back through history, we see the concept of alpha vs beta, especially when a beta attempts to be an alpha, or behave like one. Someone in particular who comes to mind, started a small war, and has had a personality type named after him: Napoleon. He was small of stature, but did everything in life to attempt to prove that he was better than those larger than himself. I’ve known people with the Napoleon complex. In most cases it’s laughable, but once in a while you get one crazy enough to do something stupid. That’s when I’m glad I’m the first type of person you mentioned, and I am not worried about proving anything, because I know exactly what will happen.

  2. Jack says:

    I hear what you’re saying.

    I’m a big guy myself, over 6ft, do sledgehammer exercises, but I have a friend who puts me to shame. Even taller even broader in the shoulder. Let’s put it this way, last weekend, in street clothes, no where near a theater, he got mistaken for a guy dressed up as Thor… three times.

    But he’s the nicest, most even guy you’d know. But I wouldn’t ever want to cross him. Or mess with his cars.

    Meanwhile another guy at work is one of those, “Buys a Glock, shoots 1 box through it at 30 yards, has a dropleg holster, never carries it, but thinks he’s ready for anything.”
    Prime example Dunning–Kruger effect right there.

    He’ll also decry people for being paranoid cynics, brag about his “peripheral vision”, yet be one of the most un self aware guys. Now the very interesting part is that despite being of average height, he’s really sensitive about it, and will always inflate it.

    Could be that some people know who they are, and just aren’t comfortable about it, but won’t put in the massive effort required to do anything about it. I know, changing habits is hard.

    And as a bonus, the phrase used around him is: “Got all the sense of a baby duck.”

    RedeemedBoyd has a good point about consequences too. There’s the personality type that just doesn’t think about those things. It’s all Now, Now, Now. And the idea that someone else may take exception to their actions doesn’t enter into their minds.

    You can see a lot of that in the Anti’s fear of how they can’t do X for fear of getting shot.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    Who’d you rather have watching your back–Jason Kilgore, the “man” who steals the names of Norse gods and poses with a big knife that he dreams of slicing tofu with or Walt Kowalski, a man who served his country, worked a job, and defends himself and others when the time comes?

    Yes, Kowalski is a fictional character. I’d still rather have him.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Hell I’d take the Real Clint Eastwood (who is looking rather old and frail these days) over Kilgore who must be pretty depressed that he’s just now passing his “prime”.

  4. I’ll attack Joan Peterson’s dead sister. I don’t give a fuck, lol

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Joan doesn’t give a fuck either. If she did she wouldn’t bring up her death in every manner except relevant stories.

      Joan doesn’t care about her sister, she’s nothing more than a meat shield for her to hide behind. But hey, we’re “heartless” for pointing out the ugly truth!

  5. Meat shield……you’re so insensitive

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