100% Agree!

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  1. Chaplain Tim says:

    I might agree, but I couldn’t stand more than 60 seconds of the choppy editting.
    Where’d I put the Tylenol?

    Chaplain Tim

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That editing style is all the rage with the younger youtube videographers. Its not my favorite thing in the world…tho it does give a certain energy to what is just a talking head.

  2. TS says:

    There is no legislative solution to this problem because the media is protected by the first amendment. Government isn’t always the answer, and the second amendment is not the only one that has dangers associated with it. The mindset of hundreds of millions of people is not going to change, but the media corporations can collectively decide to set a policy on how they cover these types of events. Just leave the name and face out of the coverage. One could lead by example, and the others may follow suit. Social media is another beast. I can’t see the spread being stopped short term.

    Like the drunk guys who run onto the baseball field, the media decided to not give them what they want.

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