Yep They’re Going Back There!

Media Matters is trying to earn their Joyce Foundation check by repeating the same-old anti-rights bullshit!

In fact, the lower pictured weapon, a Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader, has a number of features that increase its lethality compared to the top pictured shotgun. Contrary to what the graphic suggests, the only difference between the two weapons is not just the pistol grip featured on the Tactical Persuader. The Tactical Persuader also has an adjustable stock that can be removed from the firearm completely, which allows the gun length to be shortened for increased concealability. Furthermore, when combined with a pistol grip, the firearm can be more easily maneuvered, allowing the shooter to fire from the hip and more easily use the weapon from vehicles and in other close quarters situations.

An almost identical configuration was sought out by Suleman Talovic, a teenager who used a Mossberg-derivative pistol grip shotgun during a rampage that killed five and wounded four at the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 12, 2007. A recent report issued by the John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research found that firearms with assault weapon features are disproportionally used in mass shootings and that when used result in higher numbers of casualties.

Just because it isn’t true, or doesn’t make any sense doesn’t mean they won’t repeat it OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Dorks!

Also Sebastian does a better job at swatting at Joan than I could on this story:

In nearly all 50 states, including Minnesota, the mere use of deadly force in this circumstance is legitimate self-defense, as a forced entry into an occupied dwelling is considered prima facie evidence that a deadly threat exists in most states. Minnesota, following traditional common law, allows for deadly force to be used to prevent a forcible felony, though limited to one’s place of abode, and burglary is a felony in Minnesota….Regardless of whether castle doctrine has passed in Minnesota or not, there is already an absolute unqualified right to respond to burglars invading an occupied home in Minnesota with deadly force, but only if the purpose of such force is to prevent the continuing felony, or to protect life and limb. Murder is never lawful, and Minnesota, like most states, defines (in this case 2nd degree) murder as when someone ”causes the death of a human being with intent to effect the death of that person or another, but without premeditation,”

Yep, Joan is claiming that the “Stand Your Ground” law applies where it doesn’t apply (or simply confusing it with the “Castle Doctrine”…a law we even have here in Anti-Rights Massachusetts), and that somehow these laws legalize MURDER.

Yep, not true, and she likely knows it! But never let the truth get in the way of your political agenda.

The Brady Campaign “We are Better Than This” slogan is deeply ironic, isn’t it?

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15 Responses to Yep They’re Going Back There!

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    “The Tactical Persuader also has an adjustable stock that can be removed from the firearm completely, which allows the gun length to be shortened for increased concealability.”

    Because I totally can’t take a hacksaw to a buttstock (aside from AR’s due to the buffer tuber). Idiots.

    • Jack says:

      I got into an argument with an Anti once about Baron Bloombergs idiotic “Deer don’t wear bullet proof vests thus people don’t need assault weapons / armor peircing bullets” line. I pointed out that the “hunting rifles” that the Baron is supposedly for can already defeat body armor better than 223.

      The anti responded with “Hunting rifles don’t have folding stocks!” And he got angry when I explained that yeah they do. It is easier to put a folding stock on a gun that doesn’t have a buffer tube sticking out the back than one that does.

  2. Minnesota has some quirks to its law – here’s the comment I left at Sebastian’s:

    Great analysis – but I’ll nitpick on one point as a MN Carry Permit Instructor. Many forms of burglary and/or breaking and entering in Minnesota aren’t felonies – they’re misdemeanors. The use of deadly force may not be applicable in one’s home in those situations.

    MN laws aren’t perfect – and this is one area that could stand some improvement. Unfortunately, our governor disagreed and vetoed the bill this year.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Still no matter what, this shooting seems VERY shady, and sounds like a fairly clear case of Murder 2.

      Joan’s core argument is “We can’t pass Stand Your Ground, because this guy would have gotten away with it!”.

      No matter what the laws on the books are there, Joan is claiming the NRA is trying to repeal MURDER.

  3. Lazy Bike Commuter says:

    I don’t understand their obsession with “evil feature x makes it easier to fire from the hip”. No one ever does that except in movies, and if I WAS going to, a traditional rifle stock like a Garland is a lot easier to hold at hip level than an AR-style pistol stock anyway since the wrists don’t have to bend as much.


  4. Geodkyt says:

    True, Modern Sporting Rifles S_U_C_K at being fired from the hip BECAUSE of the pistol grips. Even if I restrict it to no more than 20 feet. Even if I was inclined to do so with something much more expensive than .22LR anyway. {chuckle}

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah the best rifles for being fired from the stock are guns with the super oldschool straight stock. No pistol grip (in the traditional sense, not the modern banning guns sense) at all so your hand just curls around the gun’s wrist and can access the trigger.

      • Lazy Bike Commuter says:

        Although I really don’t think I want to fire my Mosin that way…

      • Geodkyt says:

        True. The easiest gun I’ve ever found to shoot from the hip is the Brown Bess. Of course, back in the day when it was the evil scary military gun, the gun was 5″ long and designed to be held at waist level with a 17″ bayonet on the end, for pike charges in phalanx style formations — it was bayonet charges that were the most lethal use of the gun, not shoulder fired volleys (those were intended to disrupt the enemy line so the bayonet charge could go home into a dissarrayed line).

        But even then, you weren’t supposed to SHOOT it from the hip. . .

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  6. Thirdpower says:

    It’s by little Timmy, former intern of the CSGV. Do you expect him to get anything right?

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  8. Cargosquid says:

    When even Media (doesn’t) Matters can’t even get a majority of anti-gunners in the comments….we’re winning.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      yeah that part really surprised me! All the previous posts I’ve read have been 100% anti. Knowing how hungry for a debate the pro-gun people are I assumed they heavily moderate comments.

      I guess they can’t keep their finger in the dyke that long!

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