Another Way To Celebrate

Again, I’d just buy a new gun

A New York mom was charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child after she allegedly hired strippers to perform at her 16-year-old son’s birthday party, The Daily Freeman reported.

Judy H. Viger, 33, from Gansevoort, N.Y., which is north of Albany, paid for two ‘female adult entertainers’ to perform ‘intimate dances’ for birthday party attendees, which included five who were younger than 17, police told the paper.

Photos from the Nov. 3 party reportedly appeared online. At least one photo showed a woman clinging upside down to what was described as a seated teen, the report said. Police said several ‘kids’ at the party got lap dances, the report said.

The party appeared to be a large affair. The report said there were 80 adults and teens at the event, which was located at Spare Time Bowling Center. The floor-to-ceiling windows were reportedly covered with brown paper.

Queen of Classy there!


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3 Responses to Another Way To Celebrate

  1. Teke says:

    We can tell she started adulthood with sound judgment. 33 with a 16 yr old would mean that she was 17 when he was born.

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    Ok, I’ll be the devil’s advocate here.

    This is a kid who’s mother thinks it’s a good idea to get him strippers for his 16th birthday party. How likely is this event really doing any further damage?


    On the other hand. How stupid is the mother to think that she could get away with this? IN A BOWLING ALLEY! I could see her doing this at home and thinking that maybe the cops wouldn’t hear about it, but in a public place? geesh…


  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    So when the Kid turns 18 and he hires his own Strippers since he’s a Legal Adult…..

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