Turns out after the passing of the SAFE Act in New York, New York Law Enforcement is having a trade show called the “Tactical Conference”

Go read Sean’s post. I’ll point out there is certainly some discrepancy in the law on selling 8 or greater round magazines or so-called “Assault Weapons” to law Enforcement. The SAFE act does not have an exemption written into it, others have said the previous LE Exemptions pre-empt the SAFE act.

Either way, if these are “Weapons of War” designed only to “Rapidly kill large amounts of people”, then why are we giving them to the cops that patrol our streets?

If these are tools used to keep citizens safe from dangerous criminals, why can’t the average citizen have them?

Sean’s going to be watching the vendors list for his NYC Boycott list.

Send your emails, to let them know the lawful citizens of America are watching their moves.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    This show does seem rather… unseemly.

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