Good Quality Ass-Kicking

Bulgarian Leader Threatened with Air Pistol:

Bulgarian police detained a man after he pointed a gas pistol at an ethnic Turkish party leader as he was delivering a speech at a party caucus in the capital Saturday. No shots were fired.

The video from the Saturday event in Sofia shows the man climbing the podium where Ahmed Dogan, the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, was speaking, and pointing the gun to his face.

Dogan struck the man before he could pull the trigger, while other delegates wrestled the assailant to the ground. TV footage showed several people punching, kicking and stomping on the man when he was on the ground.

Have a look at the video. I bet he doesn’t think it was such a hot idea now!

That’s a wholesale ass-kicking!

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10 Responses to Good Quality Ass-Kicking

  1. bluesun says:

    Is this something that would happen in the US? With the recent change about airlines, and possible change in attitudes towards school shootings, I wonder about assassinations, as well.

  2. AZRon says:

    That’s what THEY don’t get. A very high percentage of US believe that misconduct with a firearm should be met with a swift and immediate ass-kicking followed up with incarceration commensurate with the intentional infraction levied against the populace at large.

    Or, turn them over to my mother. That’ll learn ’em even more gooder.

  3. D2k says:

    If I understand correctly a gas pistol is a pepper spray pistol that’s legal to carry in some European countries, but the pistol used in the video seems to be a EKOL Volga 9mm blank firing pistol, reports are saying it was modified to fire something.
    The “Movement for Rights and Freedoms” political party caters to the Turkish Bulgarian minority and has wide spread allegations of corruption and mafia connections.
    The would be assassin is also a Turkish Bulgarian and the brother of some minor celebrity, what’s really going on here is anyone’s guess at this point, but yeah pointing a gun at someone like that deserves an ass kicking.

  4. Joel says:

    Holy cognitive dissonance, Batman! I’m trying to imagine that happening at a meeting of American political elites, and the assassin or whatever he was getting stomped into paste by a bunch of old white guys. The mental picture just isn’t forming.

    Bulgarians = tough audiences.

  5. Jamie says:

    I think I heard the Turkish equivilant of “Don’t tase me bro”

  6. Cargosquid says:

    If you look closely, that slide appears to recoil at the 01 mark. Something did not work right. And then the shooter was trying to re-chamber something.

  7. Cargosquid says:

    Heh. That’s the first time I’ve seen the whole thing. Usually its cut at that tackle.

    Warms the heart, doesn’t it? I needed that smile.

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